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Sexy High Heels
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to Wear Sexy, Tall Stiletto High Heels Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears sexy stiletto high heels
Sexy stiletto high heels are all the rage and will continue to be for years to come.  Here's how to choose stiletto high heels that fit your particular taste and style.

History of Sexy Stiletto High Heels

Shoes with tall heels have been called stilettos since the early 1930's. Interesting enough, these gorgeous heels were named for the stiletto dagger. Given the sharp tip of most stilettos, it is no wonder the name should originate from a dagger, even though, based on their sex appeal, these elegant heels could have had a more sexier origin.

For example, stilettos could have evolved from the sharp tip of the Love God Cupid's arrow, or the delicate, sharp thorn of beautiful roses, or many other romanticized images.
If these beautiful, sexy high heels originated from a dagger, it's easy to imagine that at least one of those daggers was adorned with ornate and sexy designs.
Choosing your favorite pair of Stilettos is fun!
Stiletto high heels reached huge popularity during the 1960's. The design of the front of the heels became just as pointy and sharp in looks as the stiletto high heels themselves. In fact, at one point, these sexy, beautiful shoes were dubbed just "Stilettos" -- dropping the "high heels" at the end of the name.

Unfortunately stiletto high heels took a hiatus during some of the 1990s, when women started wearing high heels with a wider heel. However, this trend did not stay around for long, even though, of course, you can find stilettos around today.
Be sexy like Kim Kardashian and wear tall stiletto high heels.
The Rebound of Sexy Stiletto High Heels

Stiletto high heels made a strong comeback in 2000 -- right on up to the current day. I believe the heyday of stiletto high heels will continue far in the future.


 The height of stiletto high heels got a little help when the platform was added in the design of tall sexy heels.  This was done for all women who love to wear the tallest of high heels.
Kim Kardashian pairs her sexy black stilettos with a cute purse.
"Stilettos" in every sense of the word should be an earned title. It is not a title given to high heels lightly. Did you know that some true stiletto high heels have actual steel or alloy as the base in the heel itself?  Well, it's a fact. Even though at first glance, these heels may appear to be stilettos, one must peel back the layers from the high heel itself and look for steel or alloy -- to determine if the high heels are truly stilettos.

Be sexy when you wear your stilettors regardless of the weather like Kim Kardashian.
Sexy Stiletto High Heels Forever!

It is not surprising that sexy stiletto high heels will forever be a part of fashion today, tomorrow, and in the future. In addition to adding height, the illusion of longer and slender legs, and improving your posture, wearing sexy stiletto high heels takes you to a place where you are the center of attention and all eyes are on you.

The taller the heel, the sexier!
With all the designs of true stiletto high heels available, I'm sure there is a style that fits your personality and style!

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