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Sexy High Heels
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Wear Sexy High Heel Pumps Like Beautiful Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe - The Epitome of Glamour in High Heel Pumps
Sexy High Heel Pumps
The amazing allure of sexy, fashionable high heel pumps and the beautiful celebrities who wear them cannot be ignored.

One of those gorgeous celebrity icons was Marilyn Monroe who exhibited steaming sexuality on and off the screen.  Marilyn Monroe demonstrated the epitome of Hollywood glamour and beauty when she wore sexy high heel pumps.
Sexy, sultry Jayne Mansfield in black high heel pumps!
Marilyn Monroe is the epic calendar woman of that era wearing her sexy high heel pumps. There are other movie stars who also glamorized the classic high heel pumps during the golden days of Hollywood, including Jayne Mansfield. 
High Heel Pumps and Hollywood Glamour
Before Marilyn Monroe's time, there were lots of other movie stars who graced their outfits with classic high heel pumps. One such glamorous movie star was Lauren Bacall, who was known for her relationship and movie stardom alongside Humphrey Bogart.
Angelina Jolie and Lauren Bacall! Glamour side by side in high heel pumps!
A viewer remarked regarding Angelina Jolie -- "I want her shoes!"

Sexy Gold Satin High Heels
Sexy High Heel Pumps and the Golden Age of Hollywood
Jayne Mansfield in bikini and high heel pumps!
The classic high heel pump never fails to impress and are especially sexy when worn with bathing suits.

Sexy Black and Gold High Heel Pumps
 It should be no surprise that the fashionable high heels pumps legendary movie stars wore, are just as excitiing when worn by you and  celebrities of present day!

Of all the styles of high heels, the classic high heel pump has an impressive longevity when compared to the other styles. Going back to the days of black and white cinema and moving forward to current day movie blockbusters, high heel pumps have evolved in styling and increased in popularity. High heel pumps are sure to retain this coveted status well into the future.
You can bring back the golden age of Hollywood by wearing your sexy high heel pumps. Lights, camera, action!

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