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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Wear Sexy Ankle High Heel Booties

Beyonce wears sexy ankle high heel booties
Ankle high heel booties versus ankle high heel boots

Did you know there is a difference between ankle high heel booties and ankle high heel boots? Designers, manufacturers and others sometime use the terms "ankle high heel booties" and "ankle high heel boots" interchangeably, as if these heels are one and the same.  To set the record straight, there are distinct differences between ankle high heel booties and ankle high heel boots.

Here are two different pairs of ankle high heels.  One is a bootie, while the other is a boot.  Can you tell the difference?

Sexy Ankle High Heel Booties Like Beyonce is Wearing

Sexy Ankle High Heel Boots

Here's your answer. The top woman's shoe is an ankle high heel bootie, while the bottom one is an ankle high heel boot.

There are similarities between the two in that they both cover your ankles.  However, the top
pair of high heel booties has a lower top than the bottom high heel.

The high heel ankle bootie also is different from your regular, standard type high heels.  These heels have noticeable more material than some of the other styles of high heels.  

Because of the ankle and foot coverage your ankle high heels provide, you are sure to appreciate the warmth these high heels will give to your feet whenever it is cold outside. Not only does ankle high heel booties provide warmth, they also give your feet protection against  the elements, such as  rain, snow, ice, as well as other forms of inclement weather.
Kim Kardashian smiles and waves as she wears her sexy ankle high heel booties
You will love the wide variety of styles and colors available for ankle high heel booties.

Enjoy wearing your sexy ankle high heel booties!

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