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Sexy High Heels
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Women Shoes Jewelry for You. How to Choose Sexy Rhinestone High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears sexy rhinestone high heels
Wear sexy rhinestone high heels not only on holidays or special occasions; but wear these beautiful high heels any time you want to feel happy and sexy.  Here's how to choose  rhinestone high heels to fit your individual taste and style.

What image do you envision when the word "rhinestones"  is mentioned? Do you think about jewelry, maybe a country song called "Rhinestone Cowboy" made famous by Glenn Campbell, or maybe you see lots of glittery dots used for crafting or decorating.

You may also think about specific items of jewelry, for example rhinestone necklaces or rhinestone earrings.

Kim Kardashian steps out wearing her sexy rhinestone high heels
Rhinestones are jewelry for your hard-working feet.  Just as you complement your outfit with rhinestone jewelry, you must not stop there.  Do not forget your lovely feet which are in need of rhinestone jewelry as well.

Did you know that rhinestones can be referred to as imitation diamonds, without stretching the word "diamond" too much? Rhinestones can be constructed from rock crystal, acrylic, or glass. Someone has even made rhinestones that can mimic genuine diamonds.

It's no surprise, given how you no doubt absolutely love diamonds --  that imitation diamonds made their way to your gorgeous high heels. As shown by some of the rhinestone high heels available,  high heels can be designed with rhinestones either sparsely, or designed to cover the complete pair of high heels.
Beyonce wears sexy rhinestone high heels
How can rhinestone high heels be anything but sparkling when they are described as imitation diamonds? As the words in the song beautifully sung by legendary and beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell states -- "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!"

Of course it would be beyond one's wildest dreams to wear a pair of truly, all diamond high heels. As an alternative -- if you are unable to wear a pair of genuine diamond high heels (for now anyways), why not own rhinestone high heels which you can make into a reality with a click of a button online or a trip to the mall. 

Choose the type of rhinestone high heels that will best fit your individual style. Maybe your choice of rhinestone high heels is influenced by your personality.

Sexy rhinestone high heels shine on Beyonce
For example, if you are always the life of the party and the party does not start without you, you may prefer high heels with lots of glittery rhinestones, to stand out from everyone else. In fact, there is a style of high heels that is completely covered in sparkling rhinestones that may fit your style.

On the other hand, if you tend to be more subdued and laid-back, you may want to choose the pair of rhinestone high heels with the least amount of rhinestones and just a touch of glitter and shine.

Just as the saying that you should not wear white after Labor day has meadowed a bit and no longer "holds water" , the "Rules" have slacked also regarding when to wear rhinestone high heels. Rhinestone high heels are not just reserved to be worn at proms, parties, weddings, or other special events. In fact, depending on the type job you have, you may even wear your rhinestone high heels to work.

Regardless of where you wear your rhinestone high heels, remember these high heels command to be worn with an outfit that is equally as eye-catching as your rhinestone high heels. If you want to tone down your rhinestone high heels, you can simply wear fashionable wide-legged pants, skinny jeans or an outfit that would dress down your rhinestone high heels.

Or you may want to "go for the gusto" and step out in grand style wearing your rhinestone high heels with your sexy little black dress! You decide.

Sexy Rhinestone High Heels

What is more eye-catching than rhinestones?

The quick answer is diamonds, of course -- real genuine diamonds! That being said, sometimes it is impossible to purchase a pair of diamond high heels. Why? First of all, the cost would be astronomically high. I use the terms  "impossible", because it is possible if you have "deep pockets."

 Why not follow  Kim Kardashian's, Beyonce's and other celebrities lead. Wear sexy rhinestone high heels and enjoy the sparkle and fun that will follow!

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