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Sexy High Heels
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wear Tall Sexy High Heels You Will Be and Feel Beautiful

Beyonce strikes a sexy pose in her tall, gorgeous high heels
Sexy Tall High Heels

Have you ever thought about how long tall high heels have been in fashion? Not the prim and proper ones with the shorter heels, but the sophisticated ones with the much taller high heel. Have you ever wondered why tall is a desirable trait for high heels? For instance, couldn't shorter, much lower heels be even more in demand than those with very high heels? I'll answer these questions for you and provide you with useful advice on the joy of wearing very tall and sexy high heels.

Very tall high heels were featured in Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs a lot in the past. Most of the tall high heels were really high heel slippers that were adorned with a fluff of feathers on the top. These type of tall high heels have not gone out of style, and are even more fashionable today!

The major difference between the heels from the past, in my opinion, is the size of the platform has increased and the heels are narrower in width in some styles.
Kim Kardashian wears tall, sexy high heels
Tall High Heels are True Art!

Tall high heels are a picture within themselves! There is no need to dress them up with a beautiful model, as you may have seen on new car ads, or other merchandise. Tall high heel shoes are art defined! You may  buy tall high heels based on how your legs look from the back view, above the very tall high heels.  Of course, the overall styling, and look from the other sides, i.e., side, front and even over head is just as important to notice if you love your pair of tall high heels. So by all means, take a look from all angles!

Hosiery for Tall high heels.

You may like wearing a nice high quality pair of hosiery or panty hose when wearing very tall high heels! Choose  high quality hosiery, because one of the worse things that can happen to you is to be caught wearing a stunning pair of very tall high heels, and having a long run in your hosiery.  Runs in hosiery and panty hose completely destroy the elegance and sophistication of very tall high heels.

Fishnet panty hose or stockings, you ask? Both are fine. Even going without hosiery is ok, if you feel comfortable with doing this. I think it's ok to go  barelegged with very tall high heels; however, I do not whole-heartedly accept this  practice. Even though bare legs may be appealing and aesthetic to look at, (your bare legs, I mean), wearing hosiery seems to smooth out the skin tone of your legs.

By the way, did you know that make-up for your legs is available? Yes, actual make-up, that I was contemplating purchasing at one time, but decided against doing so. I kept thinking, what if the make-up on my legs rubbed off and left smudges or marks on my furniture, clothing etc. So I opted out of the leg make-up. But you may give this a try if you like!

Beyonce long gorgeous legs in sexy tall high heels 

The Height of the Platform in High Heels

The sky is the limit for tall high heels, as long as you can walk in them without incurring an injury to yourself. Be careful!

Walking in tall high heels.

If your high heels are really high,  you should walk in them by crossing one leg in front of the other, which is different from how you would normally walk. The key here is to be able to walk in your tall high heels without giving the impression that you are going to fall down any moment.

Kim Kardashian legs look longer in tall sexy high heels.

Color Choices for Tall High Heels

Mums the word when it comes to choices of color for your tall high heels to fit your style. By this I mean no particular color, except for maybe red, seems to be more eye-catching than the others. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so a color that may be very appealing to you, may not be even liked by someone else. Hence the wide variety of tall high heels in lots of colors for you to choose from!

Why wear very tall sexy high heels?

Wear tall high heels because you will  feel desirable, appealing and very much empowered, regardless of what you may be trying to accomplish!  This mission is quite a tall order for a pair of tall high heels, but they will deliver! You may already be tall and do not think you need the additional height of tall high heels; however, adding height is not the only benefit to wearing very tall high heels. If you were previoulsy walking with your head held high, your ego and self-esteem will increase and you will feel as if you are  up in the clouds after all the compliments you will receive when you wear your tall and sexy high heels!

Wearing Tall High heels without Hosiery 

There is something freeing about baring your feet in a pair of tall heels!  Why not wear your tall high heels, with your feet completely bare. You can show off your nicely pedicured feet and freshly polished toe nails!

Caution: If you know ahead of time that you will be going bare legged along with your bare feet showing in a pair of tall high heels, please remember to take the time to remove your old toe nail polish and put on a fresh coat. No --  just polishing over the toe nail polish that is now gritty, and worn off will not work. You must remember that wearing a pair of tall high heels and fashionably standing out in the crowd is a team effort -- the team being your feet and your toe nails. Make them a good, effective team by having smooth feet and nicely polished toe nails. The other option is to not wear toe nail polish at all -- which is ok, but wearing polish with open toed tall high heels will enhance your overall look.

Choosing Tall High Heels!

Sinice very tall high heels instantly add height, you need not be concerned about your height when wearing very tall high heels. In fact, lots of women of smaller, petite stature sometimes make very tall high heels a standard in their shoe wardrobe, because of the increased height that tall high heels will give them.  Wear tall high heels that aesthetically appeal to you, regardless of your height.

Choose very tall high heels in the color of your choice, which may be your favorite color, a color of high heels that are on sale, or a color that matches your outfit that you just bought, or is already hanging in your closet. The point here is to have a variety of colors in very tall high heels and refrain from routinely buying the same color over and over again.

Stride tall and safely in your very tall high heels!

I think we high heel wearers know right away if a surface does not seem safe to walk on when we are wearing very tall high heels. You may want to stay away from grassy areas, places where there is soft soil or sand, and of course sandy beaches are definitely out!  There is an exception.  If you are going to the beach, you can always bring your tall high heels with you, and slide them on, once you are lying or sitting leisurely on the lounge chair.

Kim Kardashian wears dark hosiery with sexy high heels.
Use as well as trust your instinct and avoid areas that may cause you injury when you are walking in your tall high heels.  If it is any consolation to you, many models have been known to actually fall down, or slip on the runway while wearing tall high heels.  I would think they would have been trained to walk in very tall high heels. So just train yourself, or if you have been wearing high heels for a while, as I have, it is a simple matter of looking ahead and being very careful where you walk.

To wear your tall high heels comfortably, you may want to use shoe  inserts i.e., Dr. Scholls, that can provide cushioning as you walk in your tall high heels. I have yet to use these, even though I have used foot shaped inserts sometimes if my heels may be a little too large for my feet. Yes. I have bought high heels that I liked the style, but because they were not available in my exact size, I made modifications, like wearing shoe soles inserts. I try not to do this often, because sometimes the inserts tend to ball up at the toe, which is not very comfortable. So if you can, try to buy very tall high heels in your specific size instead of using modifications to adjust them.  But as the saying goes... "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!"

What's next after you have your tall sexy high heels?

When you buy your tall, sexy high heels, simply wear and enjoy them! Depending on how many pairs of very tall high heels you have bought and worn, you can give yourself a personal tour of your own high heel closet. I've done this a few times, and each time I find a pair of very tall high heels that I have not worn for a while, so I take them off the shelf and do with them what they were made for. What is that? Wear them, of course!

At the end of the day, where you wear your very tall high heels is an individual decision; however, remember  they can be worn just about anywhere --  to various outings, events and special occasions. It's your choice when and where you would like to wear your tall high heels.

Just as you have the right to wear those well worn Nikes or Reeboks, so do you have the right to transform yourself into a vision of beauty and sophistication by wearing your very own tall and sexy high heels! Transform to sexy today!

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