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Sexy High Heels
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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wear Sexy High Heel Boots Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears sexy black high heel boots
How to Pair Designer Hosiery with Sexy High Heel Boots

To bring dramatic attention to your high heel boots, wear fashionable hosiery, for example fishnets. If you are going out on the town or even just to work, you may want to wear fishnet hosiery for a change.

In fact, many chic business women wear fishnets with sexy black boots and do look out of place.  Of course, if you plan to wear fishnets at work, be cognizant of any dress codes, etc. that may be in place there.  If you work in a lax atmosphere,your boots and fishnet combination should be perfectly ok.
Fishnets complement high heel boots
Stilleto black high heel boots and fishnets
When to Wear Sexy High Heel Boots

You do not have to wear your high heel boots only during the winter season. Wear sexy high heel boots whenever you like --  all year round!

Julia Roberts wearing her classic sexy thigh high heel boots
I watched a TV show just recently, and guess what the host of the show was wearing? She was wearing a pair of black high heel boots that stopped just beneath her knees  with a plain short sleeved black sheath dress, which had a wide leather belt that matched her sexy high heel boots. Quite a striking outfit!

Sexy high heel boots come in a variety of colors and styles

It is  important to match the right outfit with your high heel boots, especially if you are going for a specific fashion effect.   Remember, sexy high heel boots are not only functional, but wearing them is a fashion statement as well.

Wear High Heel Boots that will Complement your Outfit

The high heel boots you choose to wear should complement your outfit. In some cases it is fine to wear low, ankle style boots instead of the ones that reach your mid leg, and higher depending upon the outfit you are wearing.

Sexy high heel boots with buckles
You should look at yourself in a full length mirror, to see if your high heel boots match your outfit.  Whenever you wear sexy high heel boots, take the time to pick out the outfit that will draw attention to your high heel boots.  Do not get in the habit of wearing your exquisite high heel boots haphazardly as you may when you wear a pair of sneakers.  Take the time to ensure your sexy high heel boots show your fashion style.

Go for different looks when you wear your high heel boots.  For example, a stylish pair of tall black high heel boots, worn with a long, flowing skirt, would give you a cowgirl look.  If that is the look you are going for, then fine. However, if you want to have a more sexier look, wear your high heel boots with your short skirt or with your little black dress. Tone down your accessories, i.e. necklaces and bracelets so all the attention will be drawn to your sexy high heel boots.

How to Choose High Heel Boots

Your physical height does not dramatically affect the style of  sexy high heel boots you should wear. Of course, if you are tall, you pretty much can take your pick of any type or style of high heel boots. However, if you are on the petite side, you need to be careful not to choose high heel boots that will shorten your legs.

Sexy Thigh-High High Heel Boots

For example ankle high heel boots may be a challenge for you if you are petite.  However, taller boots will look great on you and will tend to elongate your legs to give you a taller frame. 

Whatever type high heel boots you may choose,  remember to keep your shoe wardrobe diversified with lots of different styles and colors for various occasions.

Wear high heel boots and show everyone just how sexy you truly are!

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