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Sexy High Heels
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sexy Royal Blue High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears royal blue heels.
The color blue is oftentimes associated with royalty, hence the name royal blue. Additionally, royal blue has been described as the color of nobility and a sign of social prominence. The mere fact that you were born with blue blood meant that you were destined to live a life of luxury, maybe living the high life in royal castles and palaces!
Beautiful Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly and Royal Blue High Heels

Looking back into cinema history, the most beautiful woman I think who personifies royalty, sexiness and sophistication is the legendary Grace Kelly. She is the actress who married Prince Rainer of Monaco.  Did you know that she was so beautiful, in the early years, movie theatre's hunchos used her as a model to pick actresses for their movies!

Gal Gadot's gown is a match for royal blue high heels.
Match Your Outfit with Royal Blue High Heels

What you wear with your sexy, royal blue high heels has practically no limits. You can even wear your royal blue high heels if you want to go retro, and wear designs from years back.

Remember -- Pairing royal blue high heels with solid color outfits will bring out the true essence of the color. Even wearing a plain white outfit with royal blue high heels is plausible. Regardless of the color outfit you wear, the focal point of your appearance will be your sexy royal blue high heels.

You may have seen high heels with a royal blue top and a contrasting black high heel, which is eye catching and noticeable. Among the many pairs of high heels I have is a pair of royal blue high heels designed with an open toe, with criss-cross royal blue suede on top of royal blue patent leather. Very sexy!

Wear sexy royal blue high heel boots

Have Fun in  Royal Blue High Heels!

The fun of wearing these heels is how you can easily change up your whole look, simply by what you are wearing with your royal blue high heels. For example, to dress down, you may wear jeans with your royal blue high heels.  To feel both royal and sexy, you can pair up your royal blue high heels with a cute, off the shoulder short little black dress. There are many other outfit combinations you can wear to show off the sexiness and fun of your royal blue high heels!

Beyonce wears royal blue high heels.

Celebrities and Royal Blue High Heels

Well-known celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and others have been spotted wearing gorgeous royal blue high heels along with various types of fashions. Put yourself in the spotlight too, by wearing sexy royal blue high heels and join the celebrities!

Wear Royal Blue High Heels

Are you ready to become a part of royalty? Wear your very own pair of sexy royal blue high heels and you are on your way!

Sexy Royal Blue High Heels

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