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Monday, February 5, 2018

Sexy Military High Heel Boots

Beyonce and Destiny's Child wear sexy military high heel boots

High heels are sexy in their own right.  When styled in a military combat design with flowing laces, they are even more sexier.  Here's how to choose military combat high heel boots that will fit your individual taste and style.

Military laced high heel combat boots.

Sometimes war is a necessity along with all the intricacies that tie in to make war such a debilitating and serious activity for countries to participate in. With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, many families will be joined with their loved ones, as the war comes to an end.
Putting the conflicts and all the atrocities that go along with it aside, we can look at the peripherals and discuss some of the outputs that benefit not only the country, but us as individuals as well.

                                  Gorgeous military high heel boots are excellent for winter weather but can be worn any time of the year.

An outlay of these situations are positives such as the advent of the Humvee trucks with military styling as well as various clothing that the public graciously borrowed from the military.
Even though the Humvee had its heyday and is no longer being produced here, the style of military clothing and fashions, including boots stayed.

You may have heard the saying, "A man in uniform is sexy."
To turn that phrase around just a little, I think another saying should be, "Women are very sexy in military high heel boots." 

Sexy military combat high heel boots worn with bikinis!

Sexy military combat high heels are designed in different colors including tan.
If you are prone to be in a hurry getting dressed, you may opt for military style high heel boots made with zipper closures. However, since most military combat high heel boots have the lace closure, you can simply leave your high heel boots loosely laced, so it will be a cinch to slip your feet into your high heel boots and be on your way in no time at all.

Beyonce and model in beautiful military high heels.

For colder weather, you may choose to wear combat boots that have fur inside. Even if the weather is not cold, you can wear military fur high heel boots simply because you like the style.
The fur adds a designer flair to the military high heel boots that make them a high fashion type boot that is not only functional but sexy also.

Black military high heels boots paired with leggings.

High heels are beautiful alone, regardless of the style so it is little wonder that when styled as military combat boots, high heels are even sexier.
These gorgeous boots are often designed with lace up fronts, as well as lace up backs as demonstrated by the model below in the sexy string thong.

Over the knee military combat high heel boots are just as sexy as ankle and bootie high heels.

Military high heel boots are not only beautiful, but because of their design, they are very durable as well.
Check out the many styles and colors of military combat high heel boots above.
You are sure to find a pair of sexy military high heel combat boots that fit your individual taste and style!

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  1. I enjoy wearing the ankle style combat boots with a higher heel as I find the laces make them easier to walk in especially on a longer day. Also look great with shorts or a dress. They are to pretty to cover under long pants