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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sexy High Heel Boots How to Choose Your Style

Beyonce wears sexy high heel boots

High heel boots have been a fashion staple for quite some time now. Their popularity was ignited years ago by the "These Boots were Made For Walking" song by Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra. 
Beyonce rocks sexy high heel boots

High heel boots from past years were styled slightly different from the high fashion type boots available current day. The boots worn in the 1960's had a wider heel; however, they did have the platform sole -- which continues to be popular.
High heel boots were sometimes wore with "hot pants" which were really very short, shorts. The high heel boots and the hot pants style combination were all the rage back in the day.

Kim Kardashian steps out in sexy over the knee high heel boots
In retrospect, there has not been a gargantulous change in the style of high heel boots. Relative to the type of the materials the boots are made of, there really has not been that much of a change.

Kim Kardashian looks sexy and fashionable in her white boots current day.  Short shorts, or "hot pants" are  still in vogue (they are just not called "hot pants" any longer); however, you would probably see more models wearing very short skirts, or even skorts, instead of  "hot pants." There is a saying that the "More things change, the more they stay the same", which seems to be the case with the styling for sexy high heel boots.

Celebrities wear High Heel Boots

So what style high heel boots are the celebrities wearing? In addition to sexy high heel boots, celebrities are wearing tall sexy boots with jeans. Kim Kardashian is sexy with her jeans tucked inside of her black high heel boots.
Kim Kardashian steps out in style wearing sexy black high heel boots.
Looks like white is also the color of choice for boots in the celebrity world. If you plan to add high heel boots to your selection of high heels, I would recommend that you include white as well.
Wear white high heel boots and follow the lead of the celebrities, especially when you have an outfit that matches perfectly.  The truth of the matter is white boots may not be as popular as other colors but they are still part of mainstream fashion.
Kim Kardashian wears different styles of sexy high heel boots.

As with most high heels and shoes in general, there are lots of colors for you to choose from. If you have an outfit that you think is hard to match with a pair of high heel boots, just look further by shopping online, or in stores to find the colors you are looking for. Eventually, you should find the high heel boots in your choice of color.

Kim Karshian wears open-toed high heel boots
The choice of color for high heel boots runs the gamet.
Sexy black high heels boots dazzles with an all black outfit
Some celebs deviate from the black high heel boots, and opt for the light tan color--which is also very fashionable and eye-catching. Of course you may have your own preferred color of high heel boots that you wear.  Feel free to follow celebrities' lead and remember at the end of the day, you are the one who will be wearing the high heel boots -- so choose a pair in a color and style that you will enjoy wearing.

Sexy Thigh-High High Heel Boots

High heel boots have no limit in styles, from the length of the boot, to the height of the high heels and the platform sole. Feel free to choose sexy high heel boots to fit your taste and style from the many designs available.  You will be happy that you did!

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