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Friday, May 10, 2013

Sexy Beautiful Wedding High Heels for Your Princess Fairytale Wedding!

                                          Kim Kardashian's Gorgeous Wedding High Heels

Kim Kardashian was a beautiful bride, albeit a brief wife. Have you ever wondered what style high heels Kim Kardashian was wearing with her gorgeous wedding gown? Your attention was probably focused on her gown instead of her high heels.

The wedding gown and veil usually get noticed at the expense of wedding high heels, especially if the bride is wearing a long, white traditional wedding gown. However, wedding high heels are just as important, in my opinion, and can be just as memorable as the wedding gown and veil.

On an episode of The Bachleorette television show where the couple was getting married, almost as an after-thought it seemed, the mother of the bride asked to see the bride's wedding high heels. The bride raised her gown to show off her beautiful pink statin high heels that were designed with a jewel on the front. Instantly, there were "ahhhs" heard in the room as everyone admired her stylish wedding high heels.

The bride can show her gorgeous wedding high heels by simply choosing to wear a shorter wedding dress. By doing so, attention will be directed to the wedding high heels instead of the gown.

Color Choices for Your Wedding High Heels

The color of wedding high heels will most likely fall into the white color family. Even so, additional color choices include silver, gold, pink and other colors of your choosing. Many brides choose to stick with tradition and wear white high heels with their wedding gown.

White Color Choices for Wedding High Heels

There are many varieties of shades of white within the white color family of wedding high heels. you can choose from. Choices include brilliant white wedding high heels that are so bright the heels take on a bluish tint -- usually exasberated when the high heels are satin in design.

Other white color choices are off-whites, with the color bordering on a light beige. Regardless of the white color you choose, be sure the wedding high heels match the gown. The contrast between your white wedding gown and your off-white high heels may give your high heels a dingy color effect. Think of your wedding dress and high heels as a matched set, similar to making sure your wedding veil matches your gown.

Sexy Wedding High Heels

Wedding High Heels Are Not Just for Weddings

Unless you are saving your wedding high heels along with your wedding gown for sentimental reasons, you may want to wear your wedding high heels with other outfits as well. Of course, this would be a personal decision you would make.

If you currently do not have wedding plans in the near future -- which is the ultimate occasion to wear sexy wedding high heels -- there are lots of other events you can attend to show them off. For example, you can wear white wedding high heels with a beautiful red dress -- perfect for holiday parties. Or you may choose to wear your wedding high heels to work, depending of course on the design. For instance, if your wedding gown is embellished with lots of jewels, rhinestones, etc., you may want to wear your wedding high heels to a special dinner, a night on the town, or some other festive event.

Wear your Wedding High Heels after the Wedding?

Depending on the style of wedding high heels you choose, you may decide to wear them long after your wedding ceremony is over. By doing so, you are getting your money's worth by wearing gorgeous high heels that will be admired by others, not because they are your wedding high heels, but simply because they are beautiful.

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