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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Marilyn Monroe Sexy Slingback High Heels Kim Kardashian Wears Womens High Heels

Marilyn Monroe is a beautiful movie and fashion icon who will live on forever in our memories.  Her fashions rival those of current day, including her exquisite high heels.
Marilyn Monroe is stunningly beautiful and sexy in white!
The stunning, incomparable, Marilyn Monroe is the ultimate legend whose fashion sense sets trends now, just as much as she did during Hollywood's golden days. When viewing most of her movies, you will notice the elegant, and sophisticated dresses and gowns she wore; however, have you ever taken a closer look at her high heels?
Marilyn Monroe stretches one of her long lovely legs showcasing her sexy red slingback high heels.
The next time you look at one of her movies, read about her, see many of her beautiful pictures, or photos, take a look at her timeless, sexy high heels.

Sexy Slingback High Heels

Of the many stylish high heels that Marilyn Monroe wore, a specific style she wore were slingback high heels. These high heels are sometimes dubbed slingback sandals, because of the openness in the styling, i.e. the showing of toes, feet and heels.

Some may not describe slingback high heels as sandals. The difference is that high heel sandals may have multiple openings on the front -- hence the name sandals, while slingback high heels may have two major openings, usually at the toe and the heel.

When Should You Wear Slingback High Heels ?

Slingback high heels are worn usually in the spring and summer months, but because of their stylish looks, you may wear them all year round. Specifically for the spring, summer, and even the winter months, the open heel, and sometimes open toe design of slingback high heels offer a level of air flow comfort.

Classic beautiful Marilyn Monroe in her white bellowing dress and sexy slingback high heels!
Slingback High Heels Popularity

Slingback high heels were very prominent during the Marilyn Monroe era. In fact, these were the type high heels that Marilyn Monroe wore during the famous filming of her standing over a street grate in her flowing white dress. She had a beautiful smile gracing her face, while wearing a sexy pair of white slingback high heels.

Did you know there is a statue of Marilyn Monroe located in Chicago? What an amazing tribute to such a legendary, beautiful actress whose notoriety and prominence seem to never wane, but continues to grow -- decades later.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy slingback high heels
Sexy Slingback High Heels in Modern Day

Sexy slingback high heels continue to be popular in modern day. Why? In addition to their exquisite designs, the reasons include the ease and comfort you experience when wearing slingback high heels. After a long day at work, a day of shopping, or just being around and about, once you get home and if you get just the right fit -- a gentle nudge of your hand against the back strap, is enough pressure to remove your slingback high heels -- no tugging with strings, zippers or laces. 
Beyonce wears sexy red slingback high heels

Sexy Slingback High Heels Fit

Make sure your slingback high heels fit properly. Your slingback high heels should have a tight, but comfortable fit at the heel. If you hear loud flip flop-like sounds when you walk in your slingback high heels, you might need to either tighter up the strap around your ankle for a closer fit, or wear a different size. Remember, when you buy your slingback high heels -- as with other types high heels -- size does matter!

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Sexy Slingback High Heels

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