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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Open Toe High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears sexy open toe high heels

The beauty of sexy open toe high heels is these high heels can be worn all year round, regardless of the weather. Since you can wear open toe high heels all year round, you are getting great value for your money. Unlike high heel sandals, which are usually worn during the warmer months, there is no need  to guess how the weather is outside, before you slip on your beautiful pair of open toe high heels.

Of course there are exceptions. You may wear high heel sandals all year round, which also has an open toe design. You probably would wear high heel sandals all year round, usually if you plan to be indoors mostly, instead of out in the elements. Even though high heel sandals are versatile, similar to open toe high heels, and can be worn all year round, there is an advantage to wearing open toe high heels. With open toe high heels, you do not have to worry about your feet becoming cold and uncomfortable due to the weather!

Open toe high heels will make your legs look longer and slender

Design of Open Toe High Heels

Open toe high heels are designed as either slingback high heels or closed back high heels, and other designs as well. In your shoe wardrobe, you will love adding slingback open toe high heels.

I have a story about a gold pair of slingback open toe high heels that I would like to share with you. First, to give you an idea of the color gold of my open toe high heels, I'm not referring to bright gold open toe high heels. The color I 'm talking about is more of a subdued gold with black criss-cross stitching just above the open toe, which brings even more attention to the open toe design.

I bought these gold open-toe high heels and dutifully put them in my closet to wait for an appropriate time to wear them. An editorial note here: There is no wrong time to wear open toe high heels.

I  placed my gold open toe high heels, unintentionally, in a hidden area in my shoe closet. Whenever I wanted to pick out a pair of high heels to wear, I would ceremoniously forget that I even had this beautiful pair of open toe high heels. Until one day, I was cleaning and organizing my closet -- which we should all do often -- and there they were. My unworn new gold pair of open toe high heels!

The next day, I made a point to wear my beautiful open toe gold high heels to work. It was a good thing I had already decided on the high heels I was going to wear, because I was running late, and had to dress quickly. No need to worry if my gold open toe high heels would match what I was wearing, because, unless you are wearing florals, gold color high heels will go with just about anything you may decide to wear.

Moral of Open Toe High Heel Story

The moral of my open toe high heel story is when you buy a pair of sexy open toe high heels -- or any high heels for that matter, wear them and do not inadvertently put them away in a dark corner or elsewhere. Remember out of sight, out of mind. And you want to wear, as well as enjoy wearing your beautiful open toe high heels!

Sexy Open Toe High Heels
Editorial note:  I bought this pair from in a sexy maroon red color! However, this metallic pair shown is popping! Jessica Simpson shoes are beyond comfortable and stylish as well.

Be Comfortable when Wearing Open Toe High Heels

The design of open toe high heels lends itself to comfort, regardless of how high your high heels may be. It appears the feel of having your toes free in the open toe design actually gives your feet more room to breathe. Also it's nice to be able to wiggle your toes freely.

Your legs will seem to go on forever when you wear your sexy open toe high heels

Styles of Open Toe High Heels

 Sexy open toe high heels come in a variety of styles. Any style of high heels for closed high heels are also available in the open toe design as well. This also includes the type material the high heels are made of, such as leather, patent leather, swede, or other materials.

Just like the mysterious allure of wearing a sexy nighty that covers your body and shows very little, so is the same mystery for your open toe high heels. You are showing just a glimpse of your feet, which can  sometimes be just as or even more sexier than showing more of your feet when wearing high heel sandals.

Wear  Sexy Open Toe High Heels

Always be ready to wear sexy open toe high heels. There is no time like the present to do so!

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