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Monday, August 21, 2017

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Gladiator High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears sexy gladiator high heels

Since there are so many different variations of sexy gladiator high heels, I'm sure you can find a pair that will fit your own personal style.   Here's how to choose sexy gladiator high heels just for you!

Sexy Gladiator High Heels

When you think or say the word "gladiator" you may think of Rome and the gladiators fighting against the lions -- or even fighting in wars as shown by Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. 

Brad Pitt in the movie Troy

 His movie is from the gladiator days of early Rome.  In fact, his shoes (pictured) may be the basis for current day gladiator style boots.

If not at war, gladiators entertained the Romans in power -- which explains why in movies you will see a king, or someone of royal heritage, sitting in the stands, enjoying the gladiators battling lions, etc. -- just for their entertainment.

There were also women gladiators, not in battle, per se at that time, but they entertained the king and the crowd in the early days of Rome. These battles were eventually phased out of the entertainment venue.

Kim Kardashian waves as she wears her sexy gladiator high heels

Sexy Gladiator High Heels Current Day

In todays world,  we see the term "gladiator"  used, not for Roman warriors and entertainment figures, but for beautifully styled shoes, commonly called gladiator shoes or gladiator high heels.

Sexy Gladiator High Heels - The Look

You can spot sexy gladiator high heels by their unique styling.  The material for gladiator high heels usually cover your foot in a sexy strap design.  In fact, they tend to have lots of  straps, stretching sexily across the top of your feet and sometimes extending to your legs.

Sexy Gladiator High Heels - What is Your Style?

Are you laid back most of the time? At work, are your "casual Friday's" outfit your Monday through Thursday's outfit as well? Or do you change up, depending on what is happening or planned for your day? Regardless of how you prefer to dress,  gladiator high heels are versatile to fit your preferences. You can dress sexy gladiator high heels up by wearing them with either a business suit, stylish dress or outfit for work (or play), or you may choose to wear jeans during your leisure time.  Additionally, whether you are conservative, flashy or somewhere in between, there are sexy gladiator high heels that will fit your individual taste.

Kim Kardashian steps out wearing her sexy gladiator high heels

Sexy Gladiator High Heels - Wide Variety of Colors and Styles

Sexy gladiator high heels come in a wide variety of colors and styles. With so many color choices and styles available, you will have lots of selections to choose from.

Sexy Gladiator High Heels - What to wear?

Once you have decided on the style of gladiator high heels you want, the next step is to choose what you plan to wear with them. You probably already know, that with gladiator high heels, as with most high heels, you may mix and match colors.In other words, just because you are wearing a pair of tan gladiator high heels does not mean you also have to wear a tan colored outfit. You have full flexibility to change up and various colored outfits that you may like.

For instance, you can wear a black outfit with tan or nude gladiator high heels -- since black goes with almost anything. You can wear other contrasting colors as well.  

You also have a choice to wear your favorite types of clothing styles with your sexy gladiator high heels.
Based on what you wear with your gladiator high heels, your look can be conservative, or high fashion, if you so desire. When you wear your gladiator high heels, you may even choose to wear them with a gown for special occasions. 

The points being made here are that your choices of what you can wear with gladiator high heels, are as wide as your imagination (and purse strings) will allow!

Sexy Gladiator High Heel Tips

Depending on your shoe size, and whether your feet tend to be a little, how shall I say -- "bloaty" or "puffy" , for example, after standing or walking for awhile, you may want to actually try on your gladiator high heels before purchasing them if you are purchasing them from a store.  You can also try on your sexy gladiator high heels if you order on line,  knowing that you can return them if they do not fit properly.

Because gladiator high heels by design, are closed in at the top with straps, you may (or may not), have to struggle a little with slipping your feet in your gladiator high heels. Wearing hosiery will help as well as making sure the zipper is pulled completely down before slipping your feet into your sexy gladiator high heels if your heels are designed as such.

Be sure to try them on after you have been standing for awhile, or after a day's work to ensure they fit you properly.  You do not want to purchase a pair of gladiator high heels when you think your feet are their normal size, only to have trouble getting them on, once you get home or when they arrive to your home from online!

To remedy, and to prevent this problem, pick the time of day to try on gladiator high heel shoes when your feet are closest to your normal shoe size. Again, take into account, that your high heels may fit well while you are in the store trying them on, and not fit as comfortable once you put them on when you get home or when they arrive from online ordering. 

Among the advantages of wearing sexy gladiator high heels  is you do not have to worry about them slipping off inadvertently, as is the case with some other type high heels. Also, many styles have a zipper closure at the back to secure your feet even further!

Wear  Sexy Gladiator High Heels

Follow the tips  above regarding gladiator high heel shoes, and be confident that you will pick a style, as well as a color to fit your own individual taste and style.

Happy gladiator high heel shoes shopping!

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