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Monday, May 2, 2016

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Designer Hosiery and Fishnets

Kim Kardashian's sexy black hosiery is an excellent match for her tall, black gorgeous high heel pumps.
Wear hosiery to complement your sexy high heels and be a fashion-leader, instead of a fashion-follower. Here's how to choose hosiery for your sexy high heels to fit your individual tastes and style.

Would you wear a Christmas sweater with your sexy little black dress? I'm not referring to the elegantly designed black glittery Christmas sweaters. An example of the Christmas sweater I'm referring to would be one with a big embrodiery of Santa Claus on the front with his reindeer and sleigh on the back.
The gaudy Christmas sweater is obviously out of place and do not belong anywhere near your sexy, gorgeous little black dress.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy dark hosiery which complements her oufit.

By the same token, you should wear hosiery that is a perfect fit for your sexy high heels.

There is a wide variety and selection of styles, colors and textures of hosiery available for you to choose from. Depending on the look you want, you may wear black, white, pink, as well as other color hosiery with your high heels.

To project a beautiful, sexy look, you may choose to wear the darker hue hosiery in the black color category.

Black hosiery ranges from off-black to the sexiest blackest of black. If you are wearing dark colored high heels, you may choose to wear sheer black hosiery, especially if you are wearing sexy black high heels. The black color will make your legs look long and slender as opposed to lighter colored hosiery.

Be careful of wearing dark colored hosiery with white high heels, even though, interesting enough, some light colored high heels go very well with black hosiery.
Black fishnet hosiery is the finishing touch for Kim Kardashian's sexy outfit with tall black high heel boots.
The best way to gauge if you are wearing the right color of high heels with black hosiery is to take a look at yourself in a full length mirror. If your look does not scream "Color MisMatch!", you are good to go.

On the other hand, if you get an uneasy or an unsettling feeling when you look in the mirror, it is very likely you are wearing an incorrect color combination of high heels and hosiery.

The Beauty of Black Hosiery

The beauty of wearing black hosiery with black high heels is you can almost skip the mirror examination step above, because black hosiery always go well with black high heels.

However, be sure to do a visual check of your hosiery to make sure your seams are straight (if you are wearing seamed hosiery), and remember to check for runs. Unless you are going for Lady Gaga's look in her  video, "I'm going to Marry the Night," where she wears overly worn out black hosiery -- be sure to replace your hosiery immediately if you see even the slightest hint of a run. Do not let runs spoil the beauty of your black hosiery, or any other color/shade hosiery you may wear.

Hosiery comes in a myriad of designs ranging from cute flowers to exotic tigers designed in the mesh of the hosiery.

The design you choose is dependent upon your individual tastes as well as the total overall look you want to achieve.


Some of the beautiful, timeless designs of sexy hosiery are fishnets. Fishnets have been around the fashion world a long time and will be for many years to come, due to their universal popularity.
Take a look at Kim Kardashian above wearing fishnets with her tall black high heel boots as well as the video below showing fishnets worn with sexy black stiletto high heels. You can see that even with boots, Kim is looking just as, if not more sexy, than if she was wearing high heels instead of high heel boots.

Did you know that some fishnets are made of stretchable, material that is not only beautiful to look at but are comfortable as well? Some fishnets have a texture similar to leggings and tights, that are stretchable and move with you. Add texture versatility as a draw to wear fishnets, in addition to knowing that your legs look even more sexier in fishnet hosiery.

Whether you wear sexy hosiery without the intricate designs or those that are simply styled is dependent upon your individual choice.

It's perfectly ok to wear regular and even no hosiery with your high heels; however, with the holidays and lots of parties approaching before you know it, now is the time to go for a change and wear the sexiest hosiery you can find. You will be a beautiful sight to see in your sexy hosiery that goes with your sexy, tall high heels!


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