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Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Choose and Wear Sexy Platform High Heels Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is sexier than ever wearing her sexy platform high heels
Sexy Platform High Heels

Sexy platform high heels will add a whole new dimension to your high heels wardrobe.  Not only are they sexy, but they are stylish as well.  Here's how to choose sexy platform high heels to fit your individual tastes and style!

Platform high heels have come a long way from back in the day when the heel was wide and not exactly sexy. In fact, you may use the word "ungangly", to describe the image of some of the "old school" platform high heels.

Platform high heels that are fashionably worn today by Kim Kardashian and other sexy ladies have changed for the better.

Kim Kardashian steps out wearing sexy platform high heels

Sexy Platform High Heels Design

The allure of sexy platform high heels, in addition to their beauty and style, is the height of the high heel, that can go upwards to many inches in height. Add these inches to the height of the platform and you will notice even more height is realized.

So what is so special about platform high heels? In a word -- platform! Not only does the platform give you added height which tends to make your legs look long and slender, but they also add the allusion of high heels that appear to be taller than what they really are.

There are many types of platform high heels. In fact, if you like the platform style of high heels from yesteryears, some of these same high heel designs are still on the market today.
However, I recommend you choose the beautiful array of sexy platform high heels from today's fashion world.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy platform high heels
Hidden Platforms on Sexy Platform High Heels

You may prefer platform high heels where the platform, itself, is not visible.The platform of these high heels is covered by leather, swede, or other type of materials. The key feature is that you cannot see where the actual platform starts.

The hidden platforms may soon become your favorite type of platform high heels, if they are not already. When you wear high heels, especially pumps, with a hidden platform, you may feel as if you're wearing traditional high heels that just happen to have a very tall, sexy high heel. When in reality, the tall platform is secretly adding to the height of your high heels, and subsequently -- to you as well!

Visible Platforms on Sexy Platform High Heels

The visible platform high heels have a noticeable separation between the sole of your high heels and the beginning of the platform itself. The platform on these high heels can be as short as 1" and as tall as 5" or more.

The draw of the visible platform high heels is that the platform itself becomes part of the design. Additionally, the platform adds another fashionable dimension to your high heels, especially since the platform is easily visible.

What style Sexy Platform High Heels are Right for You?

My recommendation is for you to wear platform high heels that appeal to your own individual style, whether you are wearing platform high heels for comfort, as a fashion statement, or simply because you like to wear them -- period.

If you prefer to be more comfortable wearing platform high heels, you may wear platform high heels that are not very tall, which would not add much height to your stature. However, you may be defeating your purpose in wearing sexy high heels if you forego the higher heels for those with a lower heel instead. Which leads me back to my beginning statement that you should choose whatever type platform high heels that fit your own taste and style!

If you are not already wearing platform high heels, why not give them a try? Once you start wearing platform high heels, it will be difficult for you to stop.

Here's my advice to you  about choosing platform high heels -- do not limit yourself. Wear high heels that have both visible platforms, as well as hidden platforms, depending on your personal preferences.

Wear platform high heels and join Kim Kardashian as well as other fashionable celebs who love wearing high heels, especially sexy platform high heels. You will be glad you did!

Sexy Platform High Heels

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