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Sexy High Heels
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Friday, January 27, 2017

How to Enjoy Wearing Sexy High Heel Slippers Mules

Kim Kardashian shows off her sexy high heel slippers
Introduction to High Heel Slippers

When you envision a sexy pair of high heels, oftentimes you may see a pair of high heel pumps or high heel sandals, instead of slippers. Or you may view high heel slippers as desirable, but not as desirable when compared with other styles of women's high heels. Your view could change once you actually start wearing high heel slippers.

Beyonce is flirtily wearing her sexy high heel slippers!
 For the purpose of keeping it simple, sexy high heel slippers will be the universal term used to describe high heel shoes with open or bare heels, without an accompanying strap.

Sexy high heel slippers will make your legs appear long and slender!
High Heel Slippers Vs Bedroom Slippers

How do high heel slippers fare when compared to bedroom slippers? Bedroom slippers can be viewed as the kind you may wear around the house, apartment or your abode before you prepare for sleep. There are glaring differences between bedroom slippers and high heel slippers. The main differences are the height of the heels and the styling.

Bedroom slippers usually do not have any heel height at all. In fact, they are mostly flats. There are bedroom slippers with about a 1" tall heel which will not be included in the type slippers discussed here. Bunny slippers will also not be discussed. The high heel slippers referred to here are those with a heel height that can range upwards to 4 inches and higher.

High Heels slippers can bring out your sexiness!

High Heel Slippers are Desirable

What makes high heel slippers desirable? In addition to showing off your sexy feet, there is also a level of comfort in wearing high heel slippers. When you are sitting, you can easily slip off your high heel slippers and have them lie leisurely beside your feet. You can then give your feet a breather, stretch your legs and wiggle your toes a bit. Just imagine how comfortable that will feel, especially if you have been walking around for a while.

High heels slippers  going rogue as sexy gladiator slippers!
In addition to the ease of slipping your high heel slippers off and on, there is a subtle sense of freedom in knowing that your back heel is completely bare of any straps, leather or anything else. So again, while sitting, and even while standing, you can move your entire feet back and forward inside your high heel slippers without feeling the restraint of materials from the back of your heels, simply because there isn't any.

You may be tempted to slip out of your high heel slippers while driving and leave them lying near the brake and accelerator. I caution you not to do this for your safety as well as for the safety of others. There was a traffic court case where the speeding ticket defense used unsuccessfully was that a shoe (not heels) became lodged on top of the accelerator and caused the car to go a lot faster than was intended. This case was not specifically referring to high heels, but it could happen. Of course, this excuse did not fly with the judge -- this story was too far-fetched.  Remember, safety first. So in a nutshell, please keep your high heel slippers on when driving or have them neatly tucked away to change to when you reach your destination.

High heel slippers for the sexy, glamorous you! Absolutely stunning!
High Heel Slippers: The Fit

Walking in high heel slippers is slightly different than walking in a pair of closed end high heels, or even strappy high heels. Since your ankles are bare, you may sometimes not insert your feet as deeply in your high heel slippers as you can. You may inadvertently leave quite a bit of room in the front of my high heel slippers, which cause your back heel to exceed a little pass the end of the shoe. In other words, your bare heel protrudes pass the end of the sole of the heels. In addition to being uncomfortable, this look can be unsightly and give the appearance that you are wearing high heel slippers that are not your size and are in fact, too small for you.

So first of all, be sure to insert your feet all the way in your high heel slippers until you feel the tip of the inside of the shoe, or your feet are inserted as far as possible. Now take a look at your high heel slippers in the mirror or take a look behind you while standing and make sure your heels are flush with the end of your high heel slippers. If so, you are wearing high heel slippers that fit properly.

High heel slippers that shows off the young, girly, sexy you!
If not, you may either need to get a bigger or smaller size depending on the fit. Just as you do not want the back of your feet to protrude past the end of your high heel slippers, you also do not want to have too much space on the rear of the shoe, between the end of your high heel slippers and your feet.
Make sure your high heel slippers fit exactly right so you can walk in them tall and stately.

High Heel Slippers: What's your style?

There are lots of designs and styles of high heel slippers for you to choose from.  I've seen sexy high heel slippers designed with a fluff of feathers adorning the top. There are also high heel boot style slippers, that have open, bare heels and sandal like tops.

High heel slippers are even sexier in a snake skin print!
When to Wear Sexy High Heel Slippers

You may choose to wear high heel slippers all year round, but a caveat here is in the cold weather, they will not be as comfortable to wear as in warm or hot weather. You may find yourself wearing your high heel slippers mostly during the spring and summer months, or when it is warm outside.  However, if there is a change in the weather, for example, spring-like weather in the winter, you may choose to wear a pair of high heel slippers in the winter months as well.
High heel slippers in eye catching green with a sexy platform!
If you are attending an event and will be inside most of the time, feel free to wear your high heel slippers regardless of how the weather is outside. 

Sexy high heel slippers complements sexy feet!  
High Heel Slippers Mantra: "Variety is the spice of life!"

Sexy high heel slippers will add a fashion statement to your high heel shoe closet. When worn paired with a sexy outfit, high heel slippers will ultimately jazz up your overall high fashion look as well.

To spice up your high heel collection -- why not get a sexy pair of high heel slippers now? Like they say, there is no time like the present!

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