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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Choose Sexy Purple High Heels Women Purple High Heel Shoes

Katy Perry wears Sexy Purple High Heels

Glamorous purple high heels are fashionable and will make you stand out in a crowd.   Here's how to choose  gorgeous purple high heels for any occasion.

Glamorous high heels are available in various shades of purple. Purple is a mixture of red and blue primary colors. The many different shades of red and blue account for the numerous hues which can range from a deep dark shade of purple to a very light violet.

The allure of purple high heels is the meaning and symbolism of the color itself. Similar to royal blue, this color is associated with royalty and nobility. In fact, there is a historical shade (Tyrian) that was only affordable and worn by the elite during the classical, antiquity era.


However, due to the varying shades of this color, these high heels may be difficult to match or coordinate with your outfit. The good news is that there is a remedy you can use when wearing purple high heels.   Do a color-match of your outfit with your purple high heels to be sure they match or complement the other.

Beyonce wears Sexy Purple High Heels

You may wear purple high heels with your solid color outfits as well as those designed with patterns and florals. If you wear these type outfits, be sure to wear the shade of purple that matches what you are wearing.

If you are wearing multicolored purple high heels, for example black and purple, you should wear a solid color outfit in either all black or all purple.
For a casual look, wear your high heels with jeans.

To make sure your high heels match your outfit, you may take them with you to the store where you plan to make your clothing purchase. The sales person will be happy to help you with your selection.
You may also bring a friend to assist you in deciding on a matching outfit for your purple high heels, if you prefer. 

If you order your purple shoes online and are not satisfied with the shade, you may return them for a refund or for an exchange.

If you plan to wear purple high heels to work, you may choose to wear a basic pair of pumps. High heel pumps will give you a professional appearance, especially when you wear them with a neatly tailored suit.

Do you plan to wear your purple high heels  with your little black dress? Sexy slingback purple high heels are an excellent choice to wear. You may wear either the darker or lighter shade of purple high heels with your little black dress.

For a casual movie/dinner date, or just a night on the town, you may wear purple high heels with a pair of skinny jeans. Wear a plain blouse and a pencil skirt or a dress with your high heels if you want to have a dressier look.

Sexy Purple High Heels

You will feel like royalty whenever you catch a glimpse of yourself wearing your gorgeous purple high heels.

Here's to you enjoying all the compliments you will receive when you wear your sexy purple high heels.

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