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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Choose High Heel Clogs

Kim Kardashian wears High Heel Clogs with jeans
How to Choose High Heel Clogs

Do you know how to choose high heel clogs? Did you know high heel clogs can be considered casual high heels? Did you know there was such a thing as casual high heels? You will find your answers for these questions and more on the topic of high heel clogs.

Usually when you think of high heels, you may think of pairing them with a dressy, sexy outfit. In fact, high heels and dress-up seemingly go hand in hand. You may or may not be surprised to find out that there are exceptions to this assumption.

Were you at one time a little girl who tried on her mother's high heels? If so, did you remember if you felt like you were dressed up and getting ready to go to maybe a birthday party, and would you have felt the same if you had tried on her sneakers instead?

Yes, high heels and dress-up are definitely a dynamic duo. But I hate to burst your bubble. There is a shoe that exhibits more of a casual, go with the flow type style instead of dressing up for your special occasion.
How's that? - You may ask. Yes. These casual high heels are called clogs--and are usually designed with wooden soles or heels.

Kim Kardashian Wears sexy High Heel Clogs

Of all the styles of high heels, (with the exception of probably high heel pumps) I think this is a pair of high heels that you can look at and at a glance, know instantly, the name of the shoes -- clogs.

How High Heel Clogs Started

Just how did a style of high heels end up being called clogs? Here's your clog high heels history 101 lesson.
Clogs were originally dubbed work shoes because of their durability. Also initially, they did not appear to be an attractive looking shoe. I'm happy to say that their look has changed a lot and high heel clogs are not only fun to wear, but a joy to look at as well.

Can you believe or envision that clogs would become part of shoe history? Historically these clogs originate from such places as the Netherlands, including Sweden, Belgium and also Germany.
You may recall old fashioned dutch shoes made completely out of wood. I know it may be difficult to perceive, but the fashionable, stylish high heel clogs we see today are a derivative from those clogs of yesteryear.

Durable and sexy high heel clogs

What to wear with High Heel Clogs

Because of the casual flair and look of a wide variety of clog high heels, you can enjoy wearing a pair of casual jeans and tops combinations with them. You may also wear skirts and dresses as well with your high heel clogs.

Some designers are styling high heel clogs with tall and narrow heels to give you and them the runway model effect. And I must say that clogs are on a fashionable roll and trend right now. You do not have to search far and wide to see celebrities and models wearing fashionable high heel clogs.

High Heel Clogs has lots of designs and styles you can choose from

How to Walk in High Heel Clogs

Because of the wooden heels or soles, the feel of the clog may be different from wearing regular high heels. Whether or not these high heel clogs are difficult to walk in would depend directly on how long and how comfortable you can wear regular type high heels.

Personally, I usually tend to walk even taller when wearing high heel clogs, mainly due to the fact that the wood is very sturdy. You will also walk taller when you wear your high heel clogs.  You will also find high heel clogs beneficial for your overall posture since these gorgeous heels almost force you to stand elegantly straight and tall.

Be Comfortable When you Wear High Heel Clogs

If you are not used to wearing high heel clogs, it may be beneficial for you to start off wearing the style with the lower heels, and then work your way up to higher heel clogs. If you are already accustomed to wearing high heels, there may be no need for you to start with a lower heel clog first, unless you just prefer the lower heel. Instead, you may skip the lower high heel clogs and start wearing those with a higher heel.
Kim Kardashian and Kris Kardashian wearing high heel clogs.

Depending on how often you wear high heels, you may not need this training at all. You may find that you can already walk tall and proud in your high heel clogs quite comfortably. However, if you are not comfortable wearing the high heel clogs, just take my advice and start with a lower heel and then advance to the higher high heel clogs.

Sexy styles of High Heel Clogs

Lots of Styles in High Heel Clogs

As I alluded to earlier, there are lots of styles of high heel clogs for you to choose from. These gorgeous high heels  also come in a wide variety of colors of your choice. So feel free to shop colors of high heel clogs as much as you like and remember, for variety, change up both styles and colors in high heel clogs from time to time.

What's your style in High Heel Clogs?

So what is your style in high heel clogs? With so many styles of high heel clogs to choose from, you will find a pair (or maybe 2 pairs and more) that will definitely fit your style, whether you want to go casual with a pair of jeans, or if you want to go all out and match high heel clogs with your more dressier outfits.

Always walk tall and fashionably in high heels, whether it be a pair of sexy stiletto high heel clogs or a pair of high heel clogs with the lower heel. Try not to trip or stumble in your beautiful high heel clogs.

You can open a whole new world of high heels buying and wearing experiences when you start or continue to buy high heel clogs.

Bright future ahead When You Wear Your High Heel Clogs

I see a bright future ahead for you, as you wear your high heel clogs to special events, dinners, outings, dates or where ever you choose. Just remember high heel clogs, no matter how fashionable, do not make the woman! You do!

Happy high heel clogs shopping!
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  1. Wow, lovely wooden high heel clogs. I want to just own them all. Thanks for the post, I have got amazing ideas for pairing up the kind of footwear with my outfits.

  2. Hi Acton Bell,

    I appreciate your comments. Wooden high heel clogs are truly lovely! Be creative when wearing wooden high heel clogs, whether you are dressing up or going casual. Have fun coming up with amazing ideas for wooden high heel clogs.

    Thanks for commenting!

    --Courtney from Sexy High Heels