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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to Choose Designer Celebrity Sexy High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears her sexy designer high heels

Celebrity Sexy Designer High Heels

Some celebrities are pitching perfumes, clothing, make-up and the like.  Of the many, the celebrities that come to mind are Halle Berry for Revlon, Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl, Kim Kardashian for Glam and her other perfumes, Beyonce Knowles for Loreal, and of course her signature perfume Heat. Many have moved on to have their own designer high heels -- like Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Sexy Designer High Heels

Jessica Simpson played a part in the movie Dukes of Hazzards, wearingsexy daisy dukes. You may remember when she had the reality TV show where she purported to be not as smart or intelligent as you would think she could be. Do you remember her questioning about why chicken of the sea in the can was tuna instead of chicken -- since after all, the name is "chicken" of the sea. Yes... she laughed all the way to the bank with that one!

Now showing her true business intelligence, she has a fine line of high fashion women high heels shoes, among other businesses which include clothing, lovely wigs, extensions and hair pieces. Her shoe business, which include high heels, is nothing new -- she has been selling shoes under her name for quite some time now.
Kim Kardashian shops for sexy designer high heels
Kim Kardashian spotted shopping wearing sexy designer high heels
Kim Kardashian Designer High Heels

You may consider purchasing from Kim Kardashian high heel shoe lines.  She seems to be very fashionable, and attuned to what looks good on her, including her style of sexy high heels.  She once commented on a pair of nude colored high heels she was wearing stating she liked the way her legs look longer in high heels. I think she is on the petite side, height-wise and her high heels adds height to her petite frame.

Desi Girl wears sexy designer high heels
Desi Girls Wear Designer High Heels

When you think of Desi Girls, you may think of young women with long dark hair, and for some reason, long gowns, robes or the like which would hide a striking pair of shoes from view.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find pictures of gorgeous Desi Girls wearing fashionable high heels.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy designer high heels
How to Choose sexy Designer High Heels

Do you tend to choose designer or brand names when you purchase a pair of high heels, or do you basically look at the styling? Maybe it's the combination of style and designer name that get you to fork over your hard earned money for a beautiful, sexy pair of high heels. Either way, as long as you are satisfied with your purchase, you should not have anything to worry about.

Are you ready to choose your style? Are you in with Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian or other designer high heel shoes, or are you out? What about the lesser designer name high heel shoes for example Candies, Bakers, and others?  Regardless of whether or not you wear designer high heels or if you simply go by the style, price or a combination of all the above, you may find that wearing high fashion high heels by a designer, puts a little lift to your step when you walk. You will feel confident that the high heels are very welll made, crafted, designed and have a certain level of durability, possibly because of the price you paid for the high heels as well as the designer name tied with them. How does that saying goes? -- "You get what you pay for!"
Kim Kardashian steps out in  sexy high heels.

How to get a good buy on sexy Designer High Heels

Of course you should try as much as possible to purchase your designer high heels on sale, but you may have to occasionally forgone a sale, if there is a special event coming up and you do not have the time to comparison-shop.  Just rationalize that the next pair of high heels you buy will be on sale-- to make up for the pair that you bought that were not on sale!

You may feel differently about designer high heels. For example, in response to the question, "Are You in or Are You out?", you may be "out" regarding designer high heel shoes -- which is fine. You should wear  high heels that appeal to you, whether they are designer shoes or not. Don't fret or worry. That is your choice.

How to take care of your Designer High Heels

Unfortunately, after some time even those designer high heels face the same demise, including the worn heels and rumpled leather, etc. The key is to wear them sparingly, change up between styles and designs often to increase their longetivity and wear. I think now would be a good time for you to decide on a gorgeous pair of designer high heels.  Are you with me?

Happy designer high heels shopping!

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