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Sexy High Heels
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to be Sexy and Beautiful Wearing Gorgeous Pink High Heels

Lady Gaga wears sexy pink high heels
Pink high heels came to me out of the blue (pun intended) one day when I was shopping and I saw a young lady wearing a pink top and black jogging pants. On the side of her black jogging pants, written in large white letters were "I love the color Pink!"
When I saw that message on her jogging pants, I realized that I have yet to write about pink high heels, so here goes!

Why Pink High Heels?

I think we all know that pink is synonomous with girls, i.e. when babies are born, the pink color is reserved for girls and blue for boys.The color pink has now grown to symbolize health causes as well as other things, including a pop singer's name -- who is Pink.

Of late, men have even started wearing pink shirts, ties, shoes, etc. as a sign, I believe, of confidence in their masculinity. I have no problem with that, and even though they may be entrenching in the feminine territorial color of pink, I know they will never be able to steal our beautiful pink high heels!

To bring a retro term back, we have "girl power" when we wear pink high heels! Don't ever doubt the power of the color pink!

Beyonce performs in sexy pink high heels
Sexy Pink High Heels

Do you have a pair of pink high heels? I know that I do, and I began wearing pink high heels long before pink was the kosher (not religion based term!) color to wear.

As I said, I own lots of pairs of high heels in the color pink including staple pink pumps.
I also have a pink pair of open-toed BCB Girls gorgeous pink high heels that are made of a pliable plastic material that is totally bendable, comfortable, and has an open toed front. The backs are closed in. My pink high heels are decorated with heart shaped tiny holes (yes, actual holes) throughout the surface of my pink high heels. I think that is why I get so many compliments on my pink high heels -- partly because of the color and partly because of the heart shaped holes.

I only wish my pink pair of high heels had a platform heel--even a small platform would be ok. Why do I wish for a platform for my pink high heels? Because normally platform type high heels usually have a taller heel. And even though I am already tall, I prefer the tall platform heel to the type heel where there is no platform -- for the added height.
Sexy Pink High Heels
The Allure of Sexy Pink High Heels

The allure of pink high heels, in my opinion, is the girlish factor.  If you have heard of the term "X-Factor" (which is now a TV show), then just replace X with girl, and you should get what I mean.

And not girlish, in the way that a once California Governor once described his opposing colleagues. I believe the term used was "girlish men." No girlish in this vein of describing high heels as being fashionable, young-oriented, confidence-giving, girlish, and having the ultimate girl factor.

Sexy Pink High Heel Stilettos
Raise the bar when you wear Sexy Pink High Heels

When I wear my pink high heel pumps, I feel like I'm raising the bar a lot, especially if I'm wearing my pink high heel pumps to work. I feel very sophisticated, confident, and dare I say, brainy, when I wear my pink high heel pumps. And when paired with a new pink designed two piece suit, I'm then on top of the world!

I alluded to what to wear with pink high heels previously. You may wear anything you like that has a touch of pink in it to match your pink high heels. Also, alternatively, you may wear contrasting dark colors to bring out the pink in your high heels. There are no limits to the varieties of clothing you can wear with your sexy pink high heels.

Sexy Pink High Heels

Where to wear  pink high heels?

Just about anywhere! Going out on a date? Then go for the higher heel pink high heels. Even pink high heel pumps will work on a date, simply because of the color of your high heels and the tall, sexy heel. To dress down, simply wear your pink high heels with a pair of skinny or regular jeans, and you will be good to go!

What about work? I've talked about the empowering feeling you get when you wear pink high heels with a pink or contrasting suit or other clothing. However, there are exceptions to wearing pink high heels.

Where you Should Not Wear Your Pink High Heels

If you are going on a job interview, or even if you get the job and are going to work on your first day, I would tone it down a bit, and go for dark, blend-in type high heels, for example, classic black pumps would be ideal. Try not  to wear your pink high heels on the first day of your new job. You may jam up the copy machine and become "That lady with the pink heels that jammed the copy machine!" Instead, be the efficient business woman who expertly corrected the paper jam, and voluntarily helped the next person when the copy machine which was once again jammed. If you noticed, the color of the high heels were not mentioned. What a difference the color of high heels can make. If you work elsewhere, other than in an office, replace the "paper jam" episode with one that will fit an unfortunate event that may happen while you are at work or even at another place. The point is, your pink high heels may be an identifying factor, if people do not yet know you by your name.

As you get accustomed to your new job, or have been on your job for some time, feel free to wear pink high heels whenever you like.

Be Tickled Pink when you Wear Your Sexy Pink High Heels

Wearing pink high heels is quite uplifting. So the next time you want a quick lift to your spirits while feeling sexy at the same time, just put on your pair of gorgeous pink high heels. Not only will you be smiling, and feeling tickled pink, you will feel girlishly young, and sexy as well!

I can see you smiling already!

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