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Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Tips on How to Be Sexy Wearing Gorgeous Yellow High Heels

Beyonce wears sexy yellow high heel pumps
Sexy yellow high heels are an attention-getter!  Here's how to choose and wear yellow high heels to fit your style!

You should wear yellow high heels whenever you get the chance. Why? -- To get noticed and to feel sexy. Yellow is a bright color that is sure to get you noticed. Have you ever seen yellow items, for example, yellow cars that really catch your eye? Similarly, you will catch everyones' eyes when you step out in your sexy yellow high heels!

The attraction of sexy yellow high heels

In addition to drawing attention to your high heels, yellow also is equated with a sunny, fun disposition. When you wear yellow high heels, you may instantly feel happy, rejuvenated, and can look forward to an overall fun day.

When to wear yellow high heels

Yellow high heels are ideal to wear during the warm and summer months. However, to help get over the winter doldrums, you may wear yellow high heels during cold weather also.
For example, if you enjoy wearing pumps like I do -- yellow high heel pumps can be worn all winter long since they will keep your feet warm and snug.

Of course during the summer, any and every day is a good day to wear yellow high heels.
Don't forget the holidays. You may also wear yellow high heels on holidays such as Easter, or when you go to church or other places of your choice.

What to wear with yellow high heels

Be careful of the colors that you wear with your yellow high heels. For instance, do not mix bright yellow high heels with a bright orange outfit. In addition to looking like an unflattering neon light, orange and yellow, just do not go together.

Beyonce is out on the town wearing sexy high heels
A yellow outfit with yellow high heels is a good color combination. I sometimes wear an all yellow suit with matching yellow high heels, and there are lots of other style clothing you can wear with yellow high heels. For example, if you want to go casual, you can wear regular jeans, skinny jeans or flare-legged slacks to tone down your yellow high heels if you like.

If you decide to wear skinny jeans, the close-leg fit of skinny jeans will make you stand out. Additionally, you will look and feel very fashionable.

If you want to draw attention to your beautiful yellow high heels, you may want to show them off and not hide them under flared-legged pants. Just wear your skinny jeans with your yellow high heels and you will be good to go out on the town in style.

Are Yellow High Heels too "loud"?

"Loud" does not refer to noise, but the bright color of your yellow high heels. Yellow high heels are not too loud. In fact the yellow color serves its purpose to bring attention to your sexy high heels.
Sexy Open Toe  High Heels

How to bring down the notice quotient of yellow high heels

Sometimes you may not be in the mood to receive compliments on your yellow high heels, and just want to be left alone. I can't imagine you or anyone else feeling this way -- but I guess this is possible.
What should you do? Simply wear flared-legged jeans or slacks with your yellow high heels. Depending on the length, the bottom hem may cover most of your yellow high heels. However, I suggest not trying to go for a cover-up. Why hide your beautiful, sexy yellow high heels? Yellow high heels are to be seen -- not hidden away.

Of course sometimes you may not be in the mood to wear yellow high heels. The simple remedy is to not wear yellow high heels during that time. Just know that other women wearing gorgeous yellow high heels are receiving lots of compliments that could have been directed to you.

Sexy Yellow High Heels

Five Tips on how to be sexy wearing your yellow high heels

There is not a big difference in wearing yellow high heels than other color high heels. However, there are some actions you must take to be sure you enjoy your yellow high heels.

1. Make sure your yellow high heels fit properly, while at the store, or as soon as you receive your yellow high heels that you ordered online. Do not keep yellow high heels that do not fit.  Promptly return any high heels that do not fit properly.

2. Make sure you like the shade of yellow of your high heels. There are lots of different shades of yellow-- in fact some border on being orange instead of yellow. Do a color check to be sure it is the shade of yellow you actually want to wear.

3. Do not ruin your beautiful yellow high heels with black scuff marks. If this happens, clean them or have them cleaned right away.

4. Do not wear white hosiery with yellow high heels. While it may be tempting to wear white hosiery with your yellow high heels, the white and yellow color combination will give you a "Ronald McDonald" appearance which you do not want. If you want to wear hosiery, choose flesh colored or even dark hosiery instead.

5. Be adventurous and wear dark colors with your yellow high heels for a fashionable contrasting look. Regardless of what dark colors you wear, your yellow high heels will be the star of the show!

Have a yellow sunshiny day and enjoy wearing your sexy yellow high heels every step of the way!

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