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Friday, April 29, 2016

Cleopatra Gold Sexy High Heels Women Shoes Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez Wears

Beyonce wears sexy, gold Cleopatra high heels.
Cleopatra represented the epitome of beauty in ancient times.  Relive her legend today and wear stylish, sexy Cleopatra high heels and high heel boots.

Jennifer Lopez wears sexy Cleopatra Style High Heel Boots
Cleopatra was considered a great beauty. She is described as  a woman of unsurpassed beauty, presenting a most striking, gorgeous appearance. In fact, Cleopatra was further said to be brilliant to look at.
Beautiful Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
It 's no surprise that when one envisions Cleopatra, one may see her beautiful face framed in gold, and precious jewelry, wearing the richest gowns of her era. Undoubtedly, she was also wearing sexy, gold, Cleopatra shoes as well.

When you think of Cleopatra, you may picture the late Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra as she appeared, elegantly depicted not only as a very beautiful woman of ancient times, but an intelligent one as well. In fact, Cleopatra was said to be in the company of many of the great powers during her era.

Cleopatra wore magnificent gowns, headdresses, jewelry, outfits and shoes that reflected the gold and glitter of the wealthy royalty and Queens of ancient Egypt.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy Cleopatra High Heels
There are fashionable high heels available today known as Cleopatra high heels.
Sexy Cleopatra high heels are eye-catching, shiny, constructed and styled in the jeweled and gold designs reminiscent of beautiful Cleopatra.

Sexy Cleopatra High Heels

Some Cleopatra high heels are styled in sexy gold and other fashionable colors. You can easily imagine a modern day Cleopatra taking the lead in fashionable high heel styles by wearing tall thigh high gold boots with a flirty, sexy short skirt of any color. Gold is a versatile color that will match just about any color outfit you may have.
Kim Kardashian as Cleopatra wears sexy high heels
Step back in the royal days of ancient times and be just as beautiful and sexy as Cleopatra.  Wear Cleopatra high heels and you are well on your way!

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