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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Wear Sexy Bronze High Heels

Beyonce wears sexy bronze high heel boots
Sexy bronze high heels are not only appealing to the eyes, but can make you feel and look sexy as well.  Here's how to choose  sexy bronze high heels to fit your style!

The picture of beautiful Beyonce above, to me signifies the appeal of bronze high heels. Delicately innocent looking, but able to change at a moment's notice to become the center of attention-- is the magic of sexy bronze high heels.

Just wear you little black dress with a pair of beautiful bronze high heels and all eyes will be on you!

The Bronze Color Family

When you wear sexy bronze high heels, you are wearing high heels that are not only beautiful, and sexy, but have only one unique color family that it belongs to -- bronze and no other.

There is something subtlely beautiful about the color bronze, especially when you wear sexy high heels. The bronze color borders on brown and gold, but tends to have the shiny quality of gold. By not being so "out there", bronze high heels can win a way into your psychic as well as your high heels wardrobe.
Beyonce wears sexy bronze high heels
Bronze high heels have copper color influences which tend to give high heels a shiny, dark gold-like look. To some, bronze may at first look to be a shade of brown -- which it is.

However, because of the metallic, shiny color influences,the preference is to steer away from the brown color reference and embrace the copper, or even tin shiny color influences instead.

What to wear with Sexy Bronze High Heels

You may wear lots of different solid color outfits with your bronze high heels. A knock-out outfit ensemble would be bronze high heels with a satin black dress with a wide bronze slimming belt. Accessorize with a contrasting red, eye catching necklace and a large gem ring with a red center surrounded by rhinestones or crystals. All eyes will be on you, for sure!

Wear Sexy Bronze High Heels and Transcend Time

Wear your bronze high heels and relive the historical age that was dubbed the Bronze Age.
Because the bronze color has a strong, historic background, i.e., the Bronze Age -- wearing bronze high heels may give you the feeling of transcending to a time when bronze was one of the most popular metals due to its durability. Bronze holds that distinction today, and is more than likely mixed with other metals such as tin or copper.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy bronze high heels

You can wear your beautiful, sexy bronze high heels, and metaphorically rewalk down the trail of history influences that is the foundation of the bronze color of your sexy high heels.

Subtlely gorgeous sexy bronze high heels have not only earned a place in history, because of their color, but can take a place in your closet because of their "bronze age" sexiness and beauty!

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