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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Beyonce Wears Sexy Red High Heels

Beyonce wears sexy red ankle high heels

Wear red high heels regardless of the weather, or the time of year. If it is warm or even cold outside, you may opt for a pair of red slingback high heels or a pair of red high heel pumps. 

You may prefer to wear red platform high heels which are comfortable as well as fashionable to wear.  The platform is sort of an "equalizer" between the height from the tip of the toe to the adjacent heel length. For example, a 6" tall heel is really 4", if you factor in the 2" tall platform. Of course, there are beautiful red high heels without the platform as well.

It is not surprising that red high heels make your legs look long and slender as well. Additionally, when you wear red high heels, you will definitely get lots of compliments from males and females alike.  Top off your red high heels with a coordinating sexy outfit, and you will be ready to grace the cover of fashion magazines everywhere! -- just like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and other stylish celebrities.

Sexy platform red high heels

There are lots of styles and designs for you to choose from. You may like to wear red high heels with the extra tall platform and high heel made out of shiny red patent leather.  As you can see, red high heels are some of the most sexiest of high heels. Are you going to a party, special event or other happenings around town? Wear your red high heels.  Remember --  Any time is a good time to wear gorgeous red high heels and show how sexy you truly are.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sexy Beautiful Wedding High Heels for Your Princess Fairytale Wedding!

Kim Kardashian's wedding
The wedding gown and veil usually get noticed at the expense of wedding high heels, especially if the bride is wearing a long, white traditional wedding gown. However, wedding high heels are just as important and can be just as memorable as the wedding gown and veil.

On an episode of The Bachleorette television show where the couple was getting married, almost as an after-thought it seemed, the mother of the bride asked to see the bride's wedding high heels. The bride raised her gown to show off her beautiful pink statin high heels that were designed with a jewel on the front. Instantly, there were "ahhhs" heard in the room as everyone admired her stylish wedding high heels.

The bride can show her gorgeous wedding high heels by simply choosing to wear a shorter wedding dress. By doing so, attention will be directed to the wedding high heels as well as the gown.

Color Choices for Your Wedding High Heels

The color of wedding high heels will most likely fall into the white color family. Even so, additional color choices include silver, gold, pink and other colors of your choosing. Many brides choose to stay with tradition and wear white high heels with their wedding gown.

Kim Kardashian wears gorgeous white high heels
White Color Choices for Wedding High Heels

There are many shades of white within the white color family of wedding high heels.  Choices include brilliant white wedding high heels that are so bright the heels take on a bluish tint -- usually exasberated when the high heels are satin in design.

Other white color choices are off-whites, with the color bordering on a light beige.  Regardless of the white color you choose, be sure the wedding high heels match or complement the gown. Think of your wedding dress and high heels as a matched set, similar to making sure your wedding veil matches your gown.

Sexy Wedding High Heels

Wedding High Heels Are Not Just for Weddings

Unless you are saving your wedding high heels along with your wedding gown for sentimental reasons, you may want to wear your wedding high heels with other outfits as well. Of course, this would be a personal decision you would make.

If you currently do not have wedding plans in the near future -- there are lots of other events you can attend to show off wedding-styled high heels. For example, you can wear white wedding high heels with a beautiful red dress -- perfect for holiday parties. Or you may choose to wear your wedding high heels to work, depending of course on the design.  If your high heels are embellished with lots of jewels, rhinestones, etc., you may want to wear your heels to a special dinner, a night on the town, or some other festive event.

Wedding High Heels After the Wedding

Beyonce wears dazzling multicolored white high heels.
Depending on the style of wedding high heels you choose, you may decide to wear them long after your wedding ceremony is over. By doing so, you are getting your money's worth by wearing gorgeous high heels that will be admired by others, not only because they are your wedding high heels, but simply because they are beautiful.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Be Sexy! Wear Gorgeous Glitter High Heels

Beyonce resonates fun and sexiness wearing glitter high heels
Sexy glitter high heels are all the rage for outside of work or even at work. Yes, ladies. Glitter high heels can be worn at work, depending on the type job you have. The heels perfect for work are black glitter high heels. The black tones down the shine of the glitter and lends glitter high heels appropriate to wear at work, again, depending on the job you have. Of course, you can be bold and wear any type of glitter high heels, as long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Victoria Beckham wears sexy glitter high heels
How to Choose Glitter High Heels 

The color of your glitter high heels goes a long way to tone down your look, or brighten it -- depending on the specific glitter high heels you choose to wear. If you want to look conservative, wear dark colored glitter high heels. If you want to be flashy, then go brighter.

By the way, anytime is a good time to make a change. If you tend to be on the conservative side, why not turn the tables and become the complete opposite. Surprise yourself by going for the more flashier, glitter high heels than you would normally wear. Not only will you step fashionably out of your comfort zone, but you will also show a side of yourself that you probably did not know existed!

Beyonce wears gorgeous glitter high heels.
What if you are already flashy when it comes to wearing glitter high heels. Then, take it up another notch and become even more flashier in your glitter high heels! How? Instead of wearing the classic gold and silver glitter high heels, wear glitter high heels in bright colors, such as a hot pink glitter, or a sexy red glitter. As an added flash, you can of course wear your sexiest, flashiest outfit to complement your glitter high heels.

Glitter high heels are not limited to be worn only to special events. You can wear your glitter high heels to other occasions as well. In fact, I recommend you break out of the mold and wear your glitter high heels where and when it is least expected.  For example, wear glitter high heels to a sporting event with your jeans. You will certainly stand out and make a fashionable impression as well.
It's much more fun to take control of when you wear your glitter high heels, instead of letting the occasion control you. Plus -- wearing glitter high heels will put you in a happy, partying mood!

Have Fun Wearing Your Glitter High Heels!

Regardless of where or when you plan to wear your beautiful glitter high heels, have fun!

Kylie Minogue puts sexy glitter high heels on display

Sexy Royal Blue High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears royal blue heels.
The color blue is oftentimes associated with royalty, hence the name royal blue. Additionally, royal blue has been described as the color of nobility and a sign of social prominence. The mere fact that you were born with blue blood meant that you were destined to live a life of luxury, maybe living the high life in royal castles and palaces!
Beautiful Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly and Royal Blue High Heels

Looking back into cinema history, the most beautiful woman I think who personifies royalty, sexiness and sophistication is the legendary Grace Kelly. She is the actress who married Prince Rainer of Monaco.  Did you know that she was so beautiful, in the early years, movie theatre's hunchos used her as a model to pick actresses for their movies!

Gal Gadot's gown is a match for royal blue high heels.
Match Your Outfit with Royal Blue High Heels

What you wear with your sexy, royal blue high heels has practically no limits. You can even wear your royal blue high heels if you want to go retro, and wear designs from years back.

Remember -- Pairing royal blue high heels with solid color outfits will bring out the true essence of the color. Even wearing a plain white outfit with royal blue high heels is plausible. Regardless of the color outfit you wear, the focal point of your appearance will be your sexy royal blue high heels.

You may have seen high heels with a royal blue top and a contrasting black high heel, which is eye catching and noticeable. Among the many pairs of high heels I have is a pair of royal blue high heels designed with an open toe, with criss-cross royal blue suede on top of royal blue patent leather. Very sexy!

Wear sexy royal blue high heel boots

Have Fun in  Royal Blue High Heels!

The fun of wearing these heels is how you can easily change up your whole look, simply by what you are wearing with your royal blue high heels. For example, to dress down, you may wear jeans with your royal blue high heels.  To feel both royal and sexy, you can pair up your royal blue high heels with a cute, off the shoulder short little black dress. There are many other outfit combinations you can wear to show off the sexiness and fun of your royal blue high heels!

Beyonce wears royal blue high heels.

Celebrities and Royal Blue High Heels

Well-known celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and others have been spotted wearing gorgeous royal blue high heels along with various types of fashions. Put yourself in the spotlight too, by wearing sexy royal blue high heels and join the celebrities!

Wear Royal Blue High Heels

Are you ready to become a part of royalty? Wear your very own pair of sexy royal blue high heels and you are on your way!

Sexy Royal Blue High Heels

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

How to Choose Designer Celebrity Sexy High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears her sexy designer high heels

Celebrity Sexy Designer High Heels

Some celebrities are pitching perfumes, clothing, make-up and the like.  Of the many, the celebrities that come to mind are Halle Berry for Revlon, Queen Latifah and Drew Barrymore for Cover Girl, Kim Kardashian for Glam and her other perfumes, Beyonce Knowles for Loreal, and of course her signature perfume Heat. Many have moved on to have their own designer high heels -- like Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Sexy Designer High Heels

Jessica Simpson played a part in the movie Dukes of Hazzards, wearingsexy daisy dukes. You may remember when she had the reality TV show where she purported to be not as smart or intelligent as you would think she could be. Do you remember her questioning about why chicken of the sea in the can was tuna instead of chicken -- since after all, the name is "chicken" of the sea. Yes... she laughed all the way to the bank with that one!

Now showing her true business intelligence, she has a fine line of high fashion women high heels shoes, among other businesses which include clothing, lovely wigs, extensions and hair pieces. Her shoe business, which include high heels, is nothing new -- she has been selling shoes under her name for quite some time now.
Kim Kardashian shops for sexy designer high heels
Kim Kardashian spotted shopping wearing sexy designer high heels
Kim Kardashian Designer High Heels

You may consider purchasing from Kim Kardashian high heel shoe lines.  She seems to be very fashionable, and attuned to what looks good on her, including her style of sexy high heels.  She once commented on a pair of nude colored high heels she was wearing stating she liked the way her legs look longer in high heels. I think she is on the petite side, height-wise and her high heels adds height to her petite frame.

Desi Girl wears sexy designer high heels
Desi Girls Wear Designer High Heels

When you think of Desi Girls, you may think of young women with long dark hair, and for some reason, long gowns, robes or the like which would hide a striking pair of shoes from view.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find pictures of gorgeous Desi Girls wearing fashionable high heels.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy designer high heels
How to Choose sexy Designer High Heels

Do you tend to choose designer or brand names when you purchase a pair of high heels, or do you basically look at the styling? Maybe it's the combination of style and designer name that get you to fork over your hard earned money for a beautiful, sexy pair of high heels. Either way, as long as you are satisfied with your purchase, you should not have anything to worry about.

Are you ready to choose your style? Are you in with Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian or other designer high heel shoes, or are you out? What about the lesser designer name high heel shoes for example Candies, Bakers, and others?  Regardless of whether or not you wear designer high heels or if you simply go by the style, price or a combination of all the above, you may find that wearing high fashion high heels by a designer, puts a little lift to your step when you walk. You will feel confident that the high heels are very welll made, crafted, designed and have a certain level of durability, possibly because of the price you paid for the high heels as well as the designer name tied with them. How does that saying goes? -- "You get what you pay for!"
Kim Kardashian steps out in  sexy high heels.

How to get a good buy on sexy Designer High Heels

Of course you should try as much as possible to purchase your designer high heels on sale, but you may have to occasionally forgone a sale, if there is a special event coming up and you do not have the time to comparison-shop.  Just rationalize that the next pair of high heels you buy will be on sale-- to make up for the pair that you bought that were not on sale!

You may feel differently about designer high heels. For example, in response to the question, "Are You in or Are You out?", you may be "out" regarding designer high heel shoes -- which is fine. You should wear  high heels that appeal to you, whether they are designer shoes or not. Don't fret or worry. That is your choice.

How to take care of your Designer High Heels

Unfortunately, after some time even those designer high heels face the same demise, including the worn heels and rumpled leather, etc. The key is to wear them sparingly, change up between styles and designs often to increase their longetivity and wear. I think now would be a good time for you to decide on a gorgeous pair of designer high heels.  Are you with me?

Happy designer high heels shopping!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sexy Animal Print High Heels

Animal print will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe of high heels. Instead of the usual basic black and other standard colored high heels, you can take a walk on the wild side and wear animal print high heels.

What to Wear with Sexy Animal Print High heels.

Animal print high heels are versatile, and are not designed to be worn just with animal print outfits. In fact, if you wear an animal print outfit with animal print high heels, the attention may be diverted away from your high heels.

The allure of wearing animal print high heels is they will stand out on their own, and not be overshadowed by your outfit --  regardless of the style outfit you choose to wear. Faux, animal print high heels are proof-positive that even though exotic animals are beautiful in the wild, their intricately designs can be fashionably transferred to high heels.

When to Wear Animal Print High Heels

Any time you want to step out fashionably and in style, choose to wear your sexy animal print high heels. Additionally, sexy animal print high heels can be worn all year round. In other words, due to the various styles and designs of animal print high heels, you do not have to limit wearing these gorgeous high heels during any particular time of the year.

Even though you may have an inclination to wear animal print high heels during the cooler or colder months, wear these high heels in the spring and summer as well. Animal print high heels are available as high heel slippers, gladiator high heels, beautiful sexy high heels stiletto pumps, and other styles of your choosing.

Wear your animal print high heels, knowing you are wearing high heels that are not only sexy, but are always in style!
Sexy Animal Print High Heels

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Five Tips on How to Be Sexy Wearing Gorgeous Yellow High Heels

Beyonce wears sexy yellow high heel pumps
Sexy yellow high heels are certainly an attention-getter!  Here's how to choose and wear yellow high heels to fit your style. By the way, you should wear yellow high heels whenever you get the chance. Why? -- To get noticed and to feel sexy. Yellow is a bright color that is sure to draw pleasant attention to you.

The Attraction of Sexy Yellow High Heels

In addition to drawing attention to your high heels, yellow also is equated with a sunny, fun disposition. When you wear yellow high heels, you may instantly feel happy, rejuvenated, and can look forward to a terrific, fun day.

When to Wear Yellow High Heels

Yellow high heels are ideal to wear during the warm and summer months. However, to help get over the winter doldrums, you may wear yellow high heels during cold weather also.  Of course during the summer, any and every day is a good day to wear yellow high heels. Don't forget the holidays. You may also wear yellow high heels on holidays such as Easter, or when you go to church or other places of your choice. Bottom line, there is no wrong time to wear gorgeous yellow high heels.

What to Wear with Yellow High Heels

Be careful matching up the outfits when you wear your yellow high heels. For instance, do not mix bright yellow high heels with an orange outfit. In addition to looking like an unflattering neon light, orange and yellow simply do not go together.

Beyonce is out on the town wearing sexy high heels
A yellow outfit with yellow high heels is a good color combination. I sometimes wear a yellow suit with matching yellow high heels, and gets lots of compliments.  So can you!  If you want to go casual, you can wear regular jeans, skinny jeans or flare-legged slacks to tone down your yellow high heels if you like. If you decide to wear skinny jeans, the close-leg fit of skinny jeans will make you stand out. Additionally, you will look and feel very fashionable.

If you want to draw attention to your beautiful yellow high heels, you may want to show them off and not hide them under flared-legged pants. Just wear your skinny jeans with your yellow high heels and you will be good to go!

Are Yellow High Heels too "Loud"?

"Loud" does not refer to noise, but the brightness of your yellow high heels. Yellow high heels are not loud. In fact the yellow color serves its purpose to bring attention to your sexy high heels.

Sexy Open Toe  High Heels

Should You Tone Down Yellow High Heels?

Sometimes you may not be in the mood to receive compliments on your yellow high heels, and just want to be left alone. I can't imagine you or anyone else feeling this way -- but I guess this is possible. What should you do? Just wear flared-legged jeans or slacks with your yellow high heels. Depending on the length, the bottom hem may cover most of your yellow high heels. However, I suggest not trying to go for a cover-up. Why hide your beautiful, sexy yellow high heels? Yellow high heels are to be seen -- not hidden away.

Of course sometimes you may not be in the mood to wear yellow high heels. The simple remedy is to not wear yellow high heels during that time. Just know that other women wearing gorgeous yellow high heels are receiving lots of compliments that could have been directed to you.

Sexy Yellow High Heels

Five Tips on how to Wear Sexy Yellow High Heels

There is not a big difference in wearing yellow high heels than other color high heels. However, there are some actions you must take to be sure you enjoy your yellow high heels.

1. Make sure your yellow high heels fit properly, while at the store, or as soon as you receive your yellow high heels that you ordered online. Do not keep yellow high heels that do not fit.  Promptly return any high heels that do not fit properly.

2. Make sure you like the shade of yellow of your high heels. There are lots of different shades of yellow-- in fact some border on being orange instead of yellow. Do a color check to be sure it is the shade of yellow you actually want to wear.

3. Do not ruin your beautiful yellow high heels with black scuff marks. If this happens, clean them or have them cleaned right away.

4. Do not wear white hosiery with yellow high heels. While it may be tempting to wear white hosiery with your yellow high heels, the white and yellow color combination will give you a "Ronald McDonald" appearance which you do not want. If you want to wear hosiery, choose flesh colored or even a dark shade hosiery instead.

5. Be adventurous and wear dark colors with your yellow high heels for a fashionable contrasting look. Regardless of the dark colors you wear, your yellow high heels will brighten up your overall look.

Enjoy wearing your sexy yellow high heels!