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Sexy High Heels
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sexy High Heel Boots How to Choose Your Style

Beyonce wears sexy high heel boots

High heel boots have been a fashion staple for quite some time now. Their popularity was ignited years ago by the "These Boots were Made For Walking" song by Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank Sinatra. 
Beyonce rocks sexy high heel boots

High heel boots from past years were styled slightly different from the high fashion type boots available current day. The boots worn in the 1960's had a wider heel; however, they did have the platform sole -- which continues to be popular.
High heel boots were sometimes wore with "hot pants" which were really very short, shorts. The high heel boots and the hot pants style combination were all the rage back in the day.

Kim Kardashian steps out in sexy over the knee high heel boots
In retrospect, there has not been a gargantulous change in the style of high heel boots. Relative to the type of the materials the boots are made of, there really has not been that much of a change.

Kim Kardashian looks sexy and fashionable in her white boots current day.  Short shorts, or "hot pants" are  still in vogue (they are just not called "hot pants" any longer); however, you would probably see more models wearing very short skirts, or even skorts, instead of  "hot pants." There is a saying that the "More things change, the more they stay the same", which seems to be the case with the styling for sexy high heel boots.

Celebrities wear High Heel Boots

So what style high heel boots are the celebrities wearing? In addition to sexy high heel boots, celebrities are wearing tall sexy boots with jeans. Kim Kardashian is sexy with her jeans tucked inside of her black high heel boots.
Kim Kardashian steps out in style wearing sexy black high heel boots.
Looks like white is also the color of choice for boots in the celebrity world. If you plan to add high heel boots to your selection of high heels, I would recommend that you include white as well.
Wear white high heel boots and follow the lead of the celebrities, especially when you have an outfit that matches perfectly.  The truth of the matter is white boots may not be as popular as other colors but they are still part of mainstream fashion.
Kim Kardashian wears different styles of sexy high heel boots.

As with most high heels and shoes in general, there are lots of colors for you to choose from. If you have an outfit that you think is hard to match with a pair of high heel boots, just look further by shopping online, or in stores to find the colors you are looking for. Eventually, you should find the high heel boots in your choice of color.

Kim Karshian wears open-toed high heel boots
The choice of color for high heel boots runs the gamet.
Sexy black high heels boots dazzles with an all black outfit
Some celebs deviate from the black high heel boots, and opt for the light tan color--which is also very fashionable and eye-catching. Of course you may have your own preferred color of high heel boots that you wear.  Feel free to follow celebrities' lead and remember at the end of the day, you are the one who will be wearing the high heel boots -- so choose a pair in a color and style that you will enjoy wearing.

Sexy Thigh-High High Heel Boots

High heel boots have no limit in styles, from the length of the boot, to the height of the high heels and the platform sole. Feel free to choose sexy high heel boots to fit your taste and style from the many designs available.  You will be happy that you did!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sexy Sandal Heels High Heels Worn by Kim Kardashian Celebrities by Courtlney

Sigh....Summer's gone but it's not too late get your sexy on. Although summer as well as spring are ideal times to wear sexy sandal high heels, you can wear various styles of sandal high heels all year round.

Kim Kardashian is wearing sandal high heels
Styles of Sandal High Heels

Most sandal high heels are designed  with straps including the gorgeous high heels that Kim Kardashian wears.  In fact, some of Kim Kardashian's high heels border on being classified as gladiator high heels because of the way the straps of some of her high heels completely cover the front of her feet.  However, since there are lots of strap openings, as well as an open toe, some of the heels she wears are categorized as sandal high heels.

Sandal high heels tend to be more sexy and glamorous than other heels because you can see most of your gorgeous bare feet.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy nude sandal high heels

Sandal High Heel Colors

Remember to choose the perfect color for your sandal high heels.  Kim Kardashian is wearing nude sandal high heels above, which blend with her skin tone for a long and bare legged look. 

Sandal high heels come in just about every color imaginable that will fit your individual taste and style.

Wear Colorful Sandal High Heels for that Extra "Pop"

Anytime during the year, be sure to wear colorful sandal high heels.  For that extra pop, wear a pair of red sandal high heels like the pair here.

Sexy Red High Heel Sandals

The beauty of wearing sandal high heels is you choose when and where you want to wear them.  Remember, the weather may dictate whether or not you bring an umbrella or wear a coat -- but the weather does not decide the type high heels you should wear. You have complete freedom to wear the style of high heels that you are in the mood for.

Wear Gorgeous Sandal High Heels

Join the fashion fun and wear beautiful, sexy sandal high heels.  You will be happy that you did!

Wear beautiful, sexy high heel sandals.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How to Wear Man Bags

Man Bags Trending

Why Man Bags are Trending

Guys, let's face it. It is a fact of life -- sometimes you need to carry stuff around with you, whether it's gym items for your workout, needed tools that may come in handy or a myriad of other items that must be within arm's reach.  What to do? What to do?

Ryan Gosling steps out with man bag.

Man Bags are the Solution

You've come to the right place for help in solving your "stuff" problem and more.  Look around and you will see man bags are trending far and wide. Celebrities, such as Ryan Gosling, Kanye West and others have joined the man bag trend as well. Just pack whatever you need to carry with you in your man bag, hold it by the handle or throw it over your shoulder and you are good to go. Problem solved!
You can wear your man bag on your shoulder like these gents!
Duffle Bags vs. Man Bags

The distinct difference in duffle bags vs. man bags is in the styling.  Duffle bags are useful in many ways but if you are going somewhere other than the gym, a man bag is the ultimate solution. In fact you can use your man bag for gym and other clothing as well.  Just pack whatever you want to carry with you, clasp or zip up your man bag and you are on your way.

Daniel Craig of James Bond fame sports his man bag.
Styles of Man Bags

Maybe you  like to carry around your items in style.  Don't worry.  I got you!  Man bag designs range from casual to ultra luxury.  There's a wide selection of man bags that will fit wherever you are going. Want to impress the ladies? Show that you value how you carry your things around by choosing a quality name brand man bag.
Kanye West wears a shoulder man bag.

On the other hand, if you want to stay under the radar, you can choose a bag that does not draw much attention, like Ryan Gosling and others. Choosing a man bag is similar to picking a watch. Sometimes you might be in the mood for a Rolex; however, sometimes a Timex will do the job just as well.  It's your choice.

Ryan Gosling rocks out a man bag!
How to Wear Man Bags

There's no written rule on how to carry your man bag.  Carry it in a way that is comfortable for you, whether you wear it on your shoulder or just hold it by the handle.  A word of caution though -- if you load a lot of items in your man bag, you may want to decrease the chance of any back or shoulder discomfort by holding your man bag instead of carrying it on your back or shoulder.  The easy answer to this dilemma is to be careful loading items in your man bag and only carry what feels comfortable for you!

Choose a Man Bag Now

If you have been on the fence about getting a man bag, now is the time to decide.  Stop carrying things around in those unsightly plastic bags or whatever else you may be using other than the popular man bag. Simply choose a man bag the size and style of your preference and present yourself nicely. There's  a man bag waiting just for you! Don't delay -- Choose Now!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sexy Red High Heels Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Wear Sexy, Beautiful Red High Heels

Beyonce looks sexy in red high heels and little black dress!

Sexy red high heels are for you! 

Red High Heels - Infatuation with the Color Red

Why is there infatuation with sexy red high heels? Let's start off by talking about the allure of the color red itself. When your girlfriend, significant other, BFF or other is angry, they might say something like, "Boy.... I got red hot when I saw him with that other girl!" She did not just use the word"hot" -- No -- She had to preface "hot", with the color red to let you know how just hot and upset she really was.

Sometimes using the word "red" alone is enough to prove a point. For example, have you ever said or heard, "I saw red when she said that to me!" Right away your listener knows that you were highly perturbed and fed up with whatever she said to you.

Try replacing "red"  with another color and see if there's the same effect.  Let's give it a try. "I saw purple when she said that to me!" -- Not as angry sounding as using red.  See?

Black ankle stripe high heels with red heels makes a sexy, fashion statement.

On the other hand, red also signifies beauty and passion. Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as a red rose in full bloom?

This is directed to the ladies -- Research have found that red as in red high heels perks up a guy's interest, sexually speaking!

So you can see why there is such deep meaning for the color red. Just imagine sexy thoughts men will have when you wear your sexy red high heels!

Check out Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman wearing her sexy red high heels!

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot shows off her sexy red high heels.

Red High Heels - Why You Should WeaRed High Heels

Red high heels mean different things to different people. For example, you can make a fashion statement by wearing red high heels or you may simply like the way your legs look when wearing red high heels. 

You can wear red high heels when going to a special event or to a casual affair.  That 's the attraction of red high heels -- they are so versatile, you can make them fit any occasion --  by accessorizing to "upsize" them, or simply wearing jeans or slacks to "downsize" them.

Passionate, sexy dance in red ballet shoes. Sexy red high heels awaits her!

 The Right Occasion to Wear Red High Heels

The right occasion to wear red high heels is anytime you decide that you want to wear them. Whether it be to work, play, a night out on the town, a date, a movie, dinner or whatever. You decide!

Should You Always Wear Red High Heels with Your Red Dress?

The key word here is "always.'' Very seldom anything is "always" done -- there is usually an exception. Therefore, the answer to the above question is "No." Take risks and mismatch your red high heels with different color outfits.  Just be sure your red high heels complement rather than contrast with your outfit.

Your legs will look long and sexy when you were red high heels.

You may decide to wear solid colors with red high heels; floral outfits that have red mixed in the design is fine to wear with red high heels as well.

Be the Belle of the Ball in Your Sexy Red High Heels

When you wear your sexy red high heels, you are almost guaranteed to stand out in the crowd and be the belle of the ball! Give sexy red high heels a try today!

You can find many of these gorgeous high heels and similar sexy high heels here:

Enjoy Kelly Pickler singing about stunning red high heels!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Ankle High Kim Kardashian High Heels with Straps Shoes by Courtlney

Kim Kardashian is well known for being a popular reality star, wife of Kanye West, a Mom as well as many other things. She is also known and admired for wearing sexy high heels. Of her many high heels, lets focus on one particular style -- the sexy ankle strap high heel.
Kim Kardashian wears sexy ankle strap high heels
Close up of Kim Kardashian's sexy ankle strap high heels

Ankle strap high heels color choice

Ankle strap high heels come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  To stand out from the crowd, why not wear ankle strap high heels that show a burst of color.  You will notice that Kim Kardashian's choice of high heel color is an eye catching green, accentuated by a red ankle strap.  

Kim Kardashian pushes the fashion limits by wearing a bright green that dares you not to take a long, admiring look at her gorgeous, sexy high heels.  How can you not?
Sexy Ankle Strap High Heels

Note:  I personally have this pair and have never been more satisfied with the fit and the fashionable style.  The platform actually shortens the length of the heel so not only are these high heels absolutely gorgeous, they are comfortable as well.

Black Ankle Strap High Heels

You may want to play it safe and wear only the ordinary, classic black ankle strap high heels.  Classic they may be -- but in no way ordinary.  You are fashionably  in control as you walk out in style wearing your ankle strap high heels.

Whether you choose a daring color for your ankle strap high heels, or if you choose to go with classic black or another color, the overarching result is you will feel sexier than you have ever felt before.

But don't take my word for it.  Wear a pair of sexy ankle strap high heels and find out  for yourself!

Sexy Ankle Strap High Heels

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kim Kardashian Beyonce Wears Sexy Ankle High Heel Boots Women Shoes

Sexy ankle high heel boots are fashionable, cool and overall stylish.  Wear these boots and you will stand out from everyone else! 

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Ankle High Heel Boots

Whether Kim Kardashian is single, married, divorced, pregnant, or a new mother, you have to give her accolades for wearing some of the sexiest high heels shoes out there.  Her heels range from beautiful high heel pumps to stylish ankle high heel boots.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy ankle high heel boots
Ankle High Heel Boots are Sexy

Kim Kardashian sometimes wears sexy high heel boots that extend almost to her knees, or even to her thighs. She also wears ankle high heel boots where the leather or shoe material goes barely beyond her ankle.  Whatever the style, you will probably find Kim Kardashian wearing them.

What Exactly are Ankle High Heel Boots?

Beyonce wears her sexy ankle high heel boots
Ankle high heel boots are just that -- ankle high heel boots. Your feet are enclosed, just as if you are wearing regular high heel boots. However, unlike most regular high heel boots, the upper portion of your boots will not go far beyond your ankle.

Ankle High Heel Boots

Wearing ankle high heel boots gives you the feeling of wearing regular high heel boots, but without the added material around your legs or thighs. Your legs are entirely bare, which is freeing and appealing in and of itself. Additionally, since your ankle high heel boots double as high heels, your legs look long and slender as well.
Pair ankle high heels books with that little red dress and walk out in style!

Wear sexy designer hosiery with beautiful ankle high heel boots!
You can wear your ankle high heel boots with plain hosiery, fishnets or if you choose, no hosiery at all. Additionally, ankle high heel boots are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can easily choose what appeals to you. Regarding color choices, it is no surprise that ankle high heel boots are popular in black, due to the versatility of this color. However, feel free to expand your color selections to include other colors to your high heel boots wardrobe.

How to Wear Sexy Ankle High Heel Boots

Most ankle high heel boots slip on easily unless they are designed without zippers or tie-up laces. With the latter, you may have to work just a little harder to get them on -- but when you do, they will be well worth your efforts.  However, most ankle boots are designed with zippers or laces to give you a comfortable, secure fit.

There is a difference between zippers on ankle high heel boots and those on regular high heel boots. Since your ankle boots are not as tall as regular high heel boots, the zippers on your ankle high heel boots will be shorter and easier to manage. No more using both hands to struggle to pull on high heel boots, or bending over for a long time to zip up the extra long zippers. Since the zippers on your ankle high heel boots are shorter, use just a simple flick of your fingers to zip them close.
Beyonce wears sexy ankle high heel boots.  

There are easy ways to ensure you have a good fit for high heel ankle boots.  For example, some ankle high heel boots are designed so you can easily put them on without the extra reinforcements of the laces, buckles or zippers. You simply slip your feet into them.

The sexy look is another advantage of wearing ankle high heel boots. Ankle high heel boots have a distinct look that is different from other types of high heel boots. The fact that your ankle high heel boots stop just above your ankles sets them off from regular high heel boots.

When you wear ankle high heel boots, you will stand out fashionably from the crowd -- Not only because of your high-fashion sense in wearing high heel ankle boots, but because ankle high heel boots look more fashionable than other types of high heel boots.

Ankle High Heel Boots 

Ankle high heel boots look good on women in all shapes and sizes. You will project a taller appearance if you are on the taller side when you wear ankle high heel boots -- especially if you are wearing flesh colored hosiery with your ankle high heel boots, or if you are bare-legged. In other words, if you are tall, you will appear to be even taller wearing high heel boots -- which is a good thing! For those of you who are petite, the ankle boots will serve to make your legs look longer as well.  

Look Taller in Ankle High Heel Boots 

The above being said, you do not have to be tall to look stunning in your ankle high heel boots. Simply wear black hosiery or black leggings with your ankle boots. When you wear black hosiery or black leggings with your ankle boots, there is the illusion of no separation between your legs and the beginning of your ankle high heel boots -- which tends to make your legs appear longer than what they really are. 

Dress up or Dress casual in Ankle High Heel Boots?

Did you know that if you wear jeans with the hems or ends inserted into your ankle high heel boots, you will give the perception of added height?  It's true.  You can wear leggings and get the same effect.

Sexy Ankle High Heel Boots

Join the fashion trend-setting crowd - Wear Ankle High Heel Boots

There's no need to think twice about getting sexy high heel ankle boots. Choose now!
There's a pair of sexy ankle high heel boots waiting just for you!

How to Wear Sexy High Heel Pumps Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears sexy high heel pumps
High heel pumps are not only glamorous, but are sexy as well. Classic high heel pumps will accentuate your outfit and are perfect to wear at any occasion.
Comfortable High Heel Pumps

Gold, glitter high heel pumps match just about anything. The glittery gold is the key!!
To make your high heels more comfortable, sometimes it may be necessary to add sole inserts and padding. Be sure you are not aggravating the problem by stuffing your high heel pumps so much the padding causes pain instead of comfort.  Strive to wear high heel pumps that fit you perfectly without any padding, as often as you can.
It may help to lose a little weight -- maybe 10 pounds or so. The weight loss will trickle down to your feet, resulting in narrower feet, and thus a more comfortable fit for your high heel pumps.  Swollen feet spoils the beauty of sexy high heels.  Plus you can imagine how painful these shoes must be to walk in if your feet are swollen.
Kim Kardashian wears high heels with swollen feet due to her pregnancy before daughter North West was born.
Kim Kardashian demonstrated this by wearing high heels which were unsightly due to her weight gain when she was pregnant with North West.
Sexy Styles in  High Heel Pumps 

Keep it simple when matching your shoes with your outfit -- simply choose sexy high heel pumps.
Sexy, stunningly beautiful high heel pumps! 
Be adventurous and go beyond choosing basic black or even red high heel pumps. There are lots of color varieties and designs for you to choose from. That being said, a major advantage to choosing black high heel pumps is the ease in matching these gorgeous heels with your outfits.
Sexy blue high heel pumps

 Celebrities Wear Sexy High Heel Pumps

Many celebrities and movie stars wear high heel pumps -- dating back to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and modern day -- Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Helen Merrin, Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Beyonce, and many others. 

A high heel pumps shoe party! Girls (and sophisticated ladies) just want to have fun -- in high heel pumps, of course!

Sexy purple and gorgeous black high heel pumps

Have Fun! Wear Sexy High Heel pumps!
You will be happy and all smiles when you wear  your sexy high heel pumps.  Always walk tall and confident in your glamorous high heel pumps and don't be surprised if someone asks for your autograph!

Be Your Own Celebrity - Wear Sexy High Heel Pumps!
Celebrate yourself! That's right. Why not be a celebrity yourself in your own right and choose sexy high heel pumps!