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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Look Sexy Wearing High Heel Clogs

Kim Kardashian wears High Heel Clogs with jeans
How to Choose High Heel Clogs

Do you know how to choose high heel clogs? Did you know high heel clogs are sometimes considered casual high heels? Did you know there was such a thing as casual high heels? You have questions and you came to the right place to get your answers on high heel clogs!

Usually when you think of high heels, you may think of pairing them with a dressy, sexy outfit. In fact, high heels and dress-up seemingly go hand in hand. You may or may not be surprised to find  that there are exceptions to this assumption.

Did you ever try on your mother's shoes when you were a little girl? If so, did you feel like you were dressed up and getting ready to go to maybe a birthday party? Would you have felt the same if you wore sneakers instead?  Even pretend dress up with high heels gave you the feeling of going somewhere special -- even if you were not.  Well, today -- you can do the same thing -- but in real life this time.

High heels, dressing up and going somewhere special are definitely a dynamic trio. However, I hate to burst your bubble. There is a shoe that exhibits more of a casual, go with the flow type style instead of dressing up to go to your special place.  How's that? - You may ask.  Well I want to inform you that these specific shoes are called clogs--and are usually designed with wooden soles or heels.

How High Heel Clogs Started

Lets have an interesting clog history 101 lesson! Have you ever wondered how shoes became known as clogs?  Well, clogs were originally dubbed work shoes because of their durability. Also initially, they did not appear to be attractive shoes. I'm happy to say that their look has changed a lot and high heel clogs are not only fun to wear, but a joy to look at as well.

Could you imagine clogs would become part of high heels history? Historically clogs originated from such places as the Netherlands, including Sweden, Belgium and also Germany. You may recall old fashioned dutch shoes made completely out of wood. I know it may be difficult to perceive, but the fashionable, stylish high heel clogs we see today are derivatives from those clogs of yesteryear.

Durable and sexy high heel clogs

What to wear with High Heel Clogs

Because of the clogs' casual shoe legacy -- clogs are a perfect choice when your jeans, shorts or other leisure-type clothing.  You may also wear skirts and dresses as well with your high heel clogs.

Some designers are styling high heel clogs with tall and narrow heels to give you the runway model effect. It is no wonder that clogs are trending right now. You do not have to look far to see celebrities and models wearing fashionable high heel clogs.

High Heel Clogs have lots of designs and styles you can choose from.

How to Walk in High Heel Clogs

Because of the wooden heels or soles, the feel of clogs may be different from wearing regular high heels. Whether or not these high heel clogs are difficult to walk in would depend proportionately on how long and how comfortable you can wear regular type high heels.

You will find yourself walking taller with a straight posture when wearing high heel clogs since the wood heel is very sturdy.  Additionally, these gorgeous heels almost force you to stand elegantly straight and tall because of their design.

Be Comfortable When you Wear High Heel Clogs

If you are not used to wearing high heel clogs, it may help to start with clogs that have lower heels. You can  work your way up to higher heels. If you are accustomed to wearing high heels, there may be no need to start with a lower heel clog, unless you just prefer the lower heel.  Instead, you may skip the lower high heel training regime and start wearing those with a higher heel.
Kim Kardashian and Kris Kardashian wearing high heel clogs.

However, if you are uncomfortable wearing high heel clogs, start with a lower heel; then advance your way to wearing higher high heel clogs. You will find that it will not take long before you get used to wearing high heel clogs.

Sexy styles of High Heel Clogs

Lots of Styles in High Heel Clogs

There are lots of styles of high heel clogs to choose from. These gorgeous high heels come in a wide variety of colors of your choice.  Feel free to shop styles of high heel clogs as much as you like and remember, for variety, change up both design  and colors in high heel clogs from time to time.

What's your style in High Heel Clogs?

So what is your style in high heel clogs?  With so many styles of high heel clogs to choose from, you will find a pair or pairs to fit your style whether you want to go casual wearing jeans or if you want to be dressy with a sexy outfit.

Always walk tall and fashionably in high heels, whether it be a pair of sexy stiletto high heel clogs or a pair of high heel clogs with the lower heel. You can open a whole new world of high heels buying and wearing experiences when you start or continue to buy high heel clogs.

Have fun and look stylish as you wear your high heel clogs to special events, dinners, outings, dates or where ever you choose. Remember no matter how fashionable high heel clogs are, they do not make the woman! You do!

Happy high heel clogs shopping!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sexy Military High Heel Boots

Beyonce and Destiny's Child wear sexy military high heel boots

High heels are sexy in their own right.  When styled in a military combat design with flowing laces, they are even more sexier.  Here's how to choose military combat high heel boots that will fit your individual taste and style.

Military laced high heel combat boots.

Sometimes war is a necessity along with all the intricacies that tie in to make war such a debilitating and serious activity for countries to participate in. With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, many families will be joined with their loved ones, as the war comes to an end.
Putting the conflicts and all the atrocities that go along with it aside, we can look at the peripherals and discuss some of the outputs that benefit not only the country, but us as individuals as well.

                                  Gorgeous military high heel boots are excellent for winter weather but can be worn any time of the year.

An outlay of these situations are positives such as the advent of the Humvee trucks with military styling as well as various clothing that the public graciously borrowed from the military.
Even though the Humvee had its heyday and is no longer being produced here, the style of military clothing and fashions, including boots stayed.

You may have heard the saying, "A man in uniform is sexy."
To turn that phrase around just a little, I think another saying should be, "Women are very sexy in military high heel boots." 

Sexy military combat high heel boots worn with bikinis!

Sexy military combat high heels are designed in different colors including tan.
If you are prone to be in a hurry getting dressed, you may opt for military style high heel boots made with zipper closures. However, since most military combat high heel boots have the lace closure, you can simply leave your high heel boots loosely laced, so it will be a cinch to slip your feet into your high heel boots and be on your way in no time at all.

Beyonce and model in beautiful military high heels.

For colder weather, you may choose to wear combat boots that have fur inside. Even if the weather is not cold, you can wear military fur high heel boots simply because you like the style.
The fur adds a designer flair to the military high heel boots that make them a high fashion type boot that is not only functional but sexy also.

Black military high heels boots paired with leggings.

High heels are beautiful alone, regardless of the style so it is little wonder that when styled as military combat boots, high heels are even sexier.
These gorgeous boots are often designed with lace up fronts, as well as lace up backs as demonstrated by the model below in the sexy string thong.

Over the knee military combat high heel boots are just as sexy as ankle and bootie high heels.

Military high heel boots are not only beautiful, but because of their design, they are very durable as well.
Check out the many styles and colors of military combat high heel boots above.
You are sure to find a pair of sexy military high heel combat boots that fit your individual taste and style!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Open Toe High Heels

Kim Kardashian wears sexy open toe high heels

The beauty of sexy open toe high heels is these high heels can be worn all year round, regardless of the weather. Since you can wear open toe high heels all year round, you are getting great value for your money. Unlike high heel sandals, which are usually worn during the warmer months, there is no need  to guess how the weather is outside, before you slip on your beautiful pair of open toe high heels.

Of course there are exceptions. You may wear high heel sandals all year round, which also has an open toe design. You probably would wear high heel sandals all year round, usually if you plan to be indoors mostly, instead of out in the elements. Even though high heel sandals are versatile, similar to open toe high heels, and can be worn all year round, there is an advantage to wearing open toe high heels. With open toe high heels, you do not have to worry about your feet becoming cold and uncomfortable due to the weather!

Open toe high heels will make your legs look longer and slender

Design of Open Toe High Heels

Open toe high heels are designed as either slingback high heels or closed back high heels, and other designs as well. In your shoe wardrobe, you will love adding slingback open toe high heels.

I have a story about a gold pair of slingback open toe high heels that I would like to share with you. First, to give you an idea of the color gold of my open toe high heels, I'm not referring to bright gold open toe high heels. The color I 'm talking about is more of a subdued gold with black criss-cross stitching just above the open toe, which brings even more attention to the open toe design.

I bought these gold open-toe high heels and dutifully put them in my closet to wait for an appropriate time to wear them. An editorial note here: There is no wrong time to wear open toe high heels.

I  placed my gold open toe high heels, unintentionally, in a hidden area in my shoe closet. Whenever I wanted to pick out a pair of high heels to wear, I would ceremoniously forget that I even had this beautiful pair of open toe high heels. Until one day, I was cleaning and organizing my closet -- which we should all do often -- and there they were. My unworn new gold pair of open toe high heels!

The next day, I made a point to wear my beautiful open toe gold high heels to work. It was a good thing I had already decided on the high heels I was going to wear, because I was running late, and had to dress quickly. No need to worry if my gold open toe high heels would match what I was wearing, because, unless you are wearing florals, gold color high heels will go with just about anything you may decide to wear.

Moral of Open Toe High Heel Story

The moral of my open toe high heel story is when you buy a pair of sexy open toe high heels -- or any high heels for that matter, wear them and do not inadvertently put them away in a dark corner or elsewhere. Remember out of sight, out of mind. And you want to wear, as well as enjoy wearing your beautiful open toe high heels!

Sexy Open Toe High Heels
Editorial note:  I bought this pair from in a sexy maroon red color! However, this metallic pair shown is popping! Jessica Simpson shoes are beyond comfortable and stylish as well.

Be Comfortable when Wearing Open Toe High Heels

The design of open toe high heels lends itself to comfort, regardless of how high your high heels may be. It appears the feel of having your toes free in the open toe design actually gives your feet more room to breathe. Also it's nice to be able to wiggle your toes freely.

Your legs will seem to go on forever when you wear your sexy open toe high heels

Styles of Open Toe High Heels

 Sexy open toe high heels come in a variety of styles. Any style of high heels for closed high heels are also available in the open toe design as well. This also includes the type material the high heels are made of, such as leather, patent leather, swede, or other materials.

Just like the mysterious allure of wearing a sexy nighty that covers your body and shows very little, so is the same mystery for your open toe high heels. You are showing just a glimpse of your feet, which can  sometimes be just as or even more sexier than showing more of your feet when wearing high heel sandals.

Wear  Sexy Open Toe High Heels

Always be ready to wear sexy open toe high heels. There is no time like the present to do so!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wear Sexy Patent Leather High Heels Women Shoes

Sexy Black Patent Leather High Heels
Patent leather high heels are dressy, sexy, stylish and beautiful. Patent leather high heels are also very noticeable and eye-catching, since they are designed with bright, shiny leather.

Patent Leather High Heels Benefits

Some benefits of patent leather high heels is your high heels will always look new and shiny because of the type material they are made of.   Patent leather has a shiny surface that guarantees a new look each and every time you wear your high heels.

Patent leather is lighter in weight than other type leather high heels making your high heels relatively easy to walk in. Light weight high heels in patent leather come in handy when you have to walk unexpectedly or have to trek long distances wearing high heels. Patent leather high heels are also a good alternative to wearing platform high heels.  You definitely send out sexy vibes whenever you wear patent leather high heels.

Patent Leather High Heels: Power of suggestion

I would like to share a story with you about patent leather high heels and the power of suggestion.

I was in a group meeting once with other women, who were wearing beautiful high heels. Periodically,  I found myself glancing repeatedly at one of the women's high heels. When she crossed her legs, I admired her beautiful patent leather high heels that were designed as simple high heel pumps.

 I noticed that even though she wore different pairs of high heels, there was something uniquely similar to all of her high heels she had worn so far.

Then it dawned on me. All the high heels she was wearing that week were patent leather, instead of regular leather or some other type of material.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy black patent leather high heels
After the fourth day of admiring her patent leather high heels,  I finally gave in to my high heels cravings! Right after the meeting,  I went to the mall and bought a pair of sexy, black patent leather high heels!

The next day, I joined the woman in my discussion group in wearing black patent leather high heels. I do believe the subliminal message she demonstrated, subtlly propelled me to go out and buy myself a beautiful pair of black patent leather high heels.  I wonder if she knew!

Gwyneth Paltrow hails a taxi as she wears sexy black patent leather high heels

Just as the fashionable young woman in the group and now me, you can own patent leather heels in black and other colors too.  In fact, there are many colors you can choose from, depending on your taste and style.

Be Sexy when you Wear Patent Leather High Heels

You will never regret buying patent leather high heels because you will feel confident and sexy whenever you wear them.

Beyonce wears sexy black patent leather high heels
Patent Leather High Heel Styles to Fit Your Taste

If you like, you can buy a pair of basic black patent leather pumps, for starters. Black patent leather high heels are sexy, stylish and will go with just about anything and matches everything in your wardrobe.

With so many styles and designs to choose from, there are beautiful patent leather high heels out there waiting just for you!

Kim Kardashian Wears Sexy Designer Hosiery and Fishnets

Kim Kardashian's sexy black hosiery is an excellent match for her tall, black gorgeous high heel pumps.
Wear hosiery to complement your sexy high heels and be a fashion-leader, instead of a fashion-follower. Here's how to choose hosiery to fit your individual tastes and style.

Would you wear a Christmas sweater with your sexy little black dress? I'm not referring to the elegantly designed black glittery Christmas sweaters. An example of the Christmas sweater I'm referring to would be one with a big embrodiery of Santa Claus on the front with his reindeer and sleigh on the back.
The gaudy Christmas sweater is obviously out of place and do not belong anywhere near your sexy, gorgeous little black dress.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy dark hosiery which complements her oufit.

By the same token, you should wear hosiery that is a perfect fit for your sexy high heels.

There is a wide variety of styles, colors and textures of hosiery available for you to choose from. Depending on the look you want, you may wear black, white, pink, as well as other color hosiery with your high heels.

Black hosiery ranges from off-black to the sexiest blackest of black. If you are wearing dark colored high heels, you may choose to wear sheer black hosiery, especially if you are wearing your sexy black high heels. The black color will make your legs look extra long and slender.

Be careful of wearing dark colored hosiery with white high heels, even though, interesting enough, some light colored high heels go very well with black hosiery.
Black fishnet hosiery is the finishing touch for Kim Kardashian's sexy outfit with tall black high heel boots.
The best way to gauge if you are wearing the right color high heels with black hosiery is to take a look at yourself in a full length mirror. If your look does not scream "Color MisMatch!", you are good to go.

On the other hand, if you get an uneasy or an unsettling feeling when you look in the mirror, it is very likely you are wearing an incorrect color combination of high heels and hosiery.

The Beauty of Black Hosiery

The beauty of wearing black hosiery with black high heels is you can almost skip the mirror examination step above, because black hosiery always go well with black high heels.

However, be sure to do a visual check of your hosiery to make sure your seams are straight (if you are wearing seamed hosiery), and remember to check for runs. Unless you are going for Lady Gaga's look in her  video, "I'm going to Marry the Night," where she wears overly worn out black hosiery -- be sure to replace your hosiery immediately if you see even the slightest hint of a run. Do not let runs spoil the beauty of your black hosiery, or any other color/shade hosiery you may wear.

Hosiery comes in a myriad of designs ranging from cute flowers to exotic tigers designed in the mesh of the hosiery. Choose  hosiery designs that complements your personality and style.


Some of the beautiful, timeless designs of sexy hosiery are fishnets. Fishnets have been around the fashion world a long time and will be for many years to come because they are universally popular.
You may spot Kim Kardashian in the media  wearing fishnets with her tall black high heel boots or stilettos.

Did you know that some fishnets are made of stretchable, material that is not only beautiful to look at but are comfortable as well? Some fishnets have a texture similar to leggings and tights, that are stretchable and move with you. Whether you wear sexy hosiery with intricate designs or those that are simply styled is dependent upon your individual choice.

It's perfectly ok to wear regular and even no hosiery with your high heels. Just remember to get the most sexiest hosiery you can find. You will certainly be a beautiful sight  in your sexy hosiery that goes with your sexy, tall high heels!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ankle High Kim Kardashian High Heels with Straps Shoes by Courtlney

Kim Kardashian is well known for being a popular reality star, wife of Kanye West, a Mom as well as many other things. She is also known and admired for wearing sexy high heels. Of her many high heels, lets focus on one particular style -- the sexy ankle strap high heel.
Kim Kardashian wears sexy ankle strap high heels
Close up of Kim Kardashian's sexy ankle strap high heels

Ankle strap high heels color choice

Ankle strap high heels come in a wide variety of colors and styles.  To stand out from the crowd, why not wear ankle strap high heels that show a burst of color.  You will notice that Kim Kardashian's choice of high heel color is an eye catching green, accentuated by a red ankle strap.  

Kim Kardashian pushes the fashion limits by wearing a bright green that dares you not to take a long, admiring look at her gorgeous, sexy high heels.  How can you not?
Sexy Ankle Strap High Heels

Note:  I personally have this pair and have never been more satisfied with the fit and the fashionable style.  The platform actually shortens the length of the heel so not only are these high heels absolutely gorgeous, they are comfortable as well.

Black Ankle Strap High Heels

You may want to play it safe and wear only the ordinary, classic black ankle strap high heels.  Classic they may be -- but in no way ordinary.  You are fashionably  in control as you walk out in style wearing your ankle strap high heels.

Whether you choose a daring color for your ankle strap high heels, or if you choose to go with classic black or another color, the overarching result is you will feel sexier than you have ever felt before.

But don't take my word for it.  Wear a pair of sexy ankle strap high heels and find out  for yourself!

Sexy Ankle Strap High Heels

Wear Sexy High Heel Boots Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wears sexy black high heel boots
How to Pair Designer Hosiery with Sexy High Heel Boots

To bring dramatic attention to your high heel boots, wear fashionable hosiery, for example fishnets. If you are going out on the town or even just to work, you may want to wear fishnet hosiery for a change.

In fact, many chic business women wear fishnets with sexy black boots and do look out of place.  Of course, if you plan to wear fishnets at work, be cognizant of any dress codes, etc. that may be in place there.  If you work in a lax atmosphere,your boots and fishnet combination should be perfectly ok.
Fishnets complement high heel boots
Stilleto black high heel boots and fishnets
When to Wear Sexy High Heel Boots

You do not have to wear your high heel boots only during the winter season. Wear sexy high heel boots whenever you like --  all year round!

Julia Roberts wearing her classic sexy thigh high heel boots
I watched a TV show just recently, and guess what the host of the show was wearing? She was wearing a pair of black high heel boots that stopped just beneath her knees  with a plain short sleeved black sheath dress, which had a wide leather belt that matched her sexy high heel boots. Quite a striking outfit!

Sexy high heel boots come in a variety of colors and styles

It is  important to match the right outfit with your high heel boots, especially if you are going for a specific fashion effect.   Remember, sexy high heel boots are not only functional, but wearing them is a fashion statement as well.

Wear High Heel Boots that will Complement your Outfit

The high heel boots you choose to wear should complement your outfit. In some cases it is fine to wear low, ankle style boots instead of the ones that reach your mid leg, and higher depending upon the outfit you are wearing.

Sexy high heel boots with buckles
You should look at yourself in a full length mirror, to see if your high heel boots match your outfit.  Whenever you wear sexy high heel boots, take the time to pick out the outfit that will draw attention to your high heel boots.  Do not get in the habit of wearing your exquisite high heel boots haphazardly as you may when you wear a pair of sneakers.  Take the time to ensure your sexy high heel boots show your fashion style.

Go for different looks when you wear your high heel boots.  For example, a stylish pair of tall black high heel boots, worn with a long, flowing skirt, would give you a cowgirl look.  If that is the look you are going for, then fine. However, if you want to have a more sexier look, wear your high heel boots with your short skirt or with your little black dress. Tone down your accessories, i.e. necklaces and bracelets so all the attention will be drawn to your sexy high heel boots.

How to Choose High Heel Boots

Your physical height does not dramatically affect the style of  sexy high heel boots you should wear. Of course, if you are tall, you pretty much can take your pick of any type or style of high heel boots. However, if you are on the petite side, you need to be careful not to choose high heel boots that will shorten your legs.

Sexy Thigh-High High Heel Boots

For example ankle high heel boots may be a challenge for you if you are petite.  However, taller boots will look great on you and will tend to elongate your legs to give you a taller frame. 

Whatever type high heel boots you may choose,  remember to keep your shoe wardrobe diversified with lots of different styles and colors for various occasions.

Wear high heel boots and show everyone just how sexy you truly are!