Sexy High Heels

Sexy High Heels
Wear Sexy High Heels!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Sexy Military High Heel Boots

Beyonce and Destiny's Child wear sexy military high heel boots

High heels are sexy in their own right.  When styled in a military combat design with flowing laces, they are even more sexier.  Here's how to choose military combat high heel boots that will fit your individual taste and style.

Military laced high heel combat boots.

Sometimes war is a necessity along with all the intricacies that tie in to make war such a debilitating and serious activity for countries to participate in. With the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, many families will be joined with their loved ones, as the war comes to an end.
Putting the conflicts and all the atrocities that go along with it aside, we can look at the peripherals and discuss some of the outputs that benefit not only the country, but us as individuals as well.

                                  Gorgeous military high heel boots are excellent for winter weather but can be worn any time of the year.

An outlay of these situations are positives such as the advent of the Humvee trucks with military styling as well as various clothing that the public graciously borrowed from the military.
Even though the Humvee had its heyday and is no longer being produced here, the style of military clothing and fashions, including boots stayed.

You may have heard the saying, "A man in uniform is sexy."
To turn that phrase around just a little, I think another saying should be, "Women are very sexy in military high heel boots." 

Sexy military combat high heel boots worn with bikinis!

Sexy military combat high heels are designed in different colors including tan.
If you are prone to be in a hurry getting dressed, you may opt for military style high heel boots made with zipper closures. However, since most military combat high heel boots have the lace closure, you can simply leave your high heel boots loosely laced, so it will be a cinch to slip your feet into your high heel boots and be on your way in no time at all.

Beyonce and model in beautiful military high heels.

For colder weather, you may choose to wear combat boots that have fur inside. Even if the weather is not cold, you can wear military fur high heel boots simply because you like the style.
The fur adds a designer flair to the military high heel boots that make them a high fashion type boot that is not only functional but sexy also.

Black military high heels boots paired with leggings.

High heels are beautiful alone, regardless of the style so it is little wonder that when styled as military combat boots, high heels are even sexier.
These gorgeous boots are often designed with lace up fronts, as well as lace up backs as demonstrated by the model below in the sexy string thong.

Over the knee military combat high heel boots are just as sexy as ankle and bootie high heels.

Military high heel boots are not only beautiful, but because of their design, they are very durable as well.
Check out the many styles and colors of military combat high heel boots above.
You are sure to find a pair of sexy military high heel combat boots that fit your individual taste and style!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

For the Love of High Heels - Like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

Why do Women Wear High Heels

An age old question is do women love high heels? This can be a two part question as follows: Do women love wearing high heels, or do women enjoy looking at high heels. You will find answers to these questions and more in this article, including why women can't seem to acquire enough heels.

History of High Heels

High heels have been in existence for a long time. Did you know that high heels date back to the early days of Egypt and wearing them were considered status symbols? Both upper class women, and even men during the early days of Egypt wore high heels.
High heels as a status symbol lived on through the middle ages, up until the 1500s when high heels became a formal invention and part of the fashion world. With such a long and rich history, it is no wonder that no other style of shoe has tethered us into high fashion to the extent of high heels.
 Fast forward to the present -- Women realize in addition to the aesthetic appeal of high heels, they perform other functions as well. High heels are the reasons many women walk taller and carry themselves with high esteem. Women's legs appear longer and their posture is straighter -- a direct contrast to wearing flats. When women wear flats, sometimes they may walk flat footed, oftentimes dragging their feet. Additionally, their backs are not as straight as it should be. In fact, some women seem to slouch when they wear flats. However, when they wear heels, they can not help but walk tall and proud.
Are you a Fellow High Heel Wearer
Are you an avid wearer of high heels, as I and many other women are? You would do your heels a great disservice if you do not take advantage of the illusion of added height and proper posture afforded to you. How can you not walk tall and stately when you are wearing an exquisite pair of high heels? Whether the heels are black to match that perfect little black dress, or flaming red for a hot date, you will feel like a princess in a fairy tale when you step out on the town in your heels.
Why Women Wear High Heels
Of course the reasons vary from woman to woman, but I'm sure the common response is we love high heels because of the way they make us feel. This involves both looking at high heels or actually wearing them. The more styles, fashions, and colors, the better. After all, variety is the spice of life, including life in high heels!
When we wear high heels, we feel magnificently tall, model thin, sexy, statuesque and ready to hit the run way! For men, in addition to knowing that the sight of a woman wearing high heels is quite sexy, heels help rise his beautiful woman to the pedestal upon which he has placed her, and where she so rightlfuly deserves to be.
If Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities can love wearing high heels, why can't you and I? We deserve to perform any actions that will make us feel tall, proud and confident. There's no need to search far and wide for a magic potion or some other power to make us feel this way. Just wear a pair of tall, gorgeous high heels, and you can proudly say -- "Mission Accomplished!"

Monday, December 18, 2017

How to Look Sexy Wearing High Heel Clogs

Kim Kardashian wears High Heel Clogs with jeans
How to Choose High Heel Clogs

Do you know how to choose high heel clogs? Did you know high heel clogs are sometimes considered casual high heels? Did you know there was such a thing as casual high heels? You have questions and you came to the right place to get your answers on high heel clogs!

Usually when you think of high heels, you may think of pairing them with a dressy, sexy outfit. In fact, high heels and dress-up seemingly go hand in hand. You may or may not be surprised to find that there are exceptions to this assumption.

Did you ever try on your mother's shoes when you were a little girl? If so, did you feel like you were dressed up and getting ready to go to maybe a birthday party? Would you have felt the same if you wore sneakers instead?  Even pretend dress up with high heels gave you the feeling of going somewhere special -- even if you were not.  Well, today -- you can do the same thing -- but in real life this time.

High heels, dressing up and going somewhere special are definitely a dynamic trio. However, I hate to burst your bubble. There is a shoe that exhibits more of a casual, "go with the flow" type style instead of dressing up to go to your special place. These specific shoes are called clogs--and are usually designed with wooden soles or heels.

Sexy High Heels

How High Heel Clogs Started

Lets have an interesting clog history 101 lesson! Have you ever wondered how shoes became known as clogs?  Well, clogs were originally dubbed work shoes because of their durability. Also initially, they did not appear to be attractive shoes. I'm happy to say that their look has changed a lot and high heel clogs are not only fun to wear, but a joy to look at as well.

Could you imagine clogs would become part of high heels history? Historically clogs originated from such places as the Netherlands, including Sweden, Belgium and also Germany. You may recall old fashioned dutch shoes made completely out of wood. I know it may be difficult to perceive, but the fashionable, stylish high heel clogs we see today are derivatives from those clogs of yesteryear.

Durable and sexy high heel clogs

What to wear with High Heel Clogs

Because of the clogs' casual shoe legacy -- clogs are a perfect choice with your jeans, shorts or other leisure-type clothing.  You may also wear skirts and dresses as well with your high heel clogs.

Some designers are styling high heel clogs with tall and narrow heels to give you the runway model effect. It is no wonder that clogs are trending right now. You do not have to look far to see celebrities and models wearing fashionable high heel clogs.

High Heel Clogs have lots of designs and styles you can choose from.

How to Walk in High Heel Clogs

Because of the wooden heels or soles, the feel of clogs may be different from wearing regular high heels. Whether or not these high heel clogs are difficult to walk in would depend proportionately on how long and how comfortable you are when you wear regular type high heels.

You will find yourself walking taller with a straight posture when wearing high heel clogs since the wood heel is very sturdy.  Additionally, these gorgeous heels almost force you to stand elegantly straight and tall because of their design.

Be Comfortable When you Wear High Heel Clogs

If you are not used to wearing high heel clogs, it may help to start with clogs that have lower heels. You can  work your way up to higher heels. If you are accustomed to wearing high heels, there may be no need to start with a lower heel clog, unless you just prefer the lower heel.  Instead, you may skip the lower high heel training regime and start wearing those with a higher heel.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Kardashian wearing high heel clogs.

However, if you are uncomfortable wearing high heel clogs, start with a lower heel; then advance your way to wearing higher high heel clogs. You will find that it will not be long before you get used to wearing high heel clogs.

Sexy styles of High Heel Clogs

Lots of Styles in High Heel Clogs

There are lots of styles of high heel clogs to choose from. These gorgeous high heels come in a wide variety of colors of your choice.  Feel free to shop styles of high heel clogs as much as you like and remember, for variety, change up both design  and colors in high heel clogs from time to time.

What's your style in High Heel Clogs?

Sexy High Heel Clogs in Black

So what is your style in high heel clogs?  With so many styles of high heel clogs to choose from, you will find a pair or pairs to fit your style whether you want to go casual wearing jeans or if you want to be dressy with a sexy outfit.

Always walk tall and fashionably in high heels, whether it be a pair of sexy stiletto high heel clogs or a pair of high heel clogs with the lower heel. You can open a whole new world of high heels buying and wearing experiences when you start or continue to buy high heel clogs.

Have fun and look stylish as you wear your high heel clogs to special events, dinners, outings, dates or wherever you choose. Remember no matter how fashionable high heel clogs are, they do not make the woman! You do!
Happy high heel clogs shopping!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Kim Kardashian wears sexy tall high heels.

How to Walk in Tall High Heels

Walk in Tall High Heels With Style

When shopping for high heels, you may without much thought check out the high heel height if you are looking for heels either on-line or in the store. Regarding in-store shopping-- you may pick up the high heels and examine the high heels' shape and length. Shoes with a heel that is too stocky may not appeal to you if you are venturing in the world of walking in tall high heels. However, you may be surprised at how shoes are stylishly made, even with the stocky heel. My advice would be to check out various fashion magazines and notice how many models are wearing tall heels that look stocky. If you decide on these type high heels, you may find they are easier to walk in when compared to high heels with narrower heels. Towards that end, my guide on how to walk in high heels includes both the wide, stocky high heels as well as the narrower stiletto high heel. My guide also includes how to walk in high heels that have platforms that add length to the high heel.

Steps to Follow Before You Walk in Tall High Heels

If you are not accustomed to wearing tall high heels, start walking in high heels by taking little baby steps. In other words, it is highly probable that you will fall, stumble, wobble or lose your balance when trying to walk in six-inch tall heels. This is especially true if you have not practiced and mastered walking in lower high heels initially. In a nutshell, when you walk in tall high heels, you want to walk as naturally as you possibly can.
Before we get to the advanced level of how to walk in tall high heels, a prerequisite is to practice walking in high heels that are three inches or shorter in heel height. Another option is to wear wedge high heels; however, wearing wedge high heels before wearing tall high heels is not recommended. I do not recommend wearing wedge high heels since these type high heels are totally different from wearing stillettos or very tall high heels. However, you can wear wedge high heels to help you get used to having your heels high off the ground.
In fact, wedge high heels provide your foot a bridge from your heels to your toes.  By contrast, when wearing stillettos, your heels are on a steep, slanted plane on a single tall narrow heel, instead of a wide wedge.
How to Actually Walk in Tall High Heels
As with most how to guides, there are steps you must take before you actually walk in tall high heels. Just as you must learn the rules of the road before driving, so must you learn the basics of walking in tall high heels, before wearing them.
If you have worn high heels for some time now, you may already be aware that once you get used to wearing high heels, they become "old hat." You get to the point where walking in high heels will be on the same difficulty level as wearing your favorite comfortable sneakers.
On the other hand, if you are relatively new to wearing tall high heels, you may walk in them as if you are balancing yourself on a high wire -- which is not pretty. Additionally,  just the thought of walking gracefully in a pair of high heels may seem like a daunting task. However, do not fret. When you follow my instructions, and complete the practice exercises, you will find that wearing high heels is not as complicated or difficult as you thought.
To continue with our lesson -- since you have graduated from practicing with wearing shoes with shorter heels, now you are ready for the big leagues -- actually wearing shoes with a taller heel. I want to start by stressing the importance of good posture when walking in tall high heels.
Maintain Good Posture
You absolutely must have good posture when walking in tall high heels. You want your posture to be straight and your back in vertical alignment while standing. To practice good posture, and to get in the habit of keeping your back straight, sit tall in a chair. Make sure your back is not curved. Stand up and sit down again through three or four reps using good posture. Practice standing up and sitting down first without your high heels; then switch to performing this practice with your high heels on. Remember, at this point, you are not actually walking in your high heels -- just practicing using good posture by keeping your back straight while sitting and standing tall. As stated above, do at least three or four reps each of this practice -- first while wearing low-heeled shoes, next while wearing high heels.
Some women choose not to wear hosiery when wearing heels; however, it may help if you wear hosiery with your high heels for a more comfortable fit. Personally, I find that hosiery forms a thin-veiled shield just in case my high heels are not as loose as I expected them to be. By the way, when practicing -- you may put on your high heels while standing or sitting down -- your choice.
Proper Gait is Important
If you are wearing high heel pumps or high heels with a closed back, be sure your heels fit snugly against the back. Do not wear high heels where your heel slips out at each step when you walk. Not only will your walk look unsightly, but you will be uncomfortable if your heels are not the right fit.
Maintain a steady gait when you walk in tall high heels. Keep your legs straight, in alignment with your back (also straight) when you walk in high heels. In other words, walk proud and tall in your high heels. Simply step one foot in front of the other while maintaining a good posture. Whatever you do, do not hold your arms out like you are on a balancing wire. If you have to do this, you are not walking properly in your high heels.
If your high heels are astronomically tall, you will have to slightly cross one feet in front of the other as you walk slowly. I call this "balance walking", because with each cross step, you are balancing yourself --  advancing further without looking as if you are about to stumble. Remember "balance walking" is only done when you are wearing extraordinary tall high heels.
Be sure to walk as natural as possible, without stumbling, or looking as if you are not sure how to walk in your high heels. Walk confidently, with your head held high and your back straight when you walk in your high heels.
When you wear high heels, you will instinctly feel elegant and taller, so you are prone to walk with your shoulders thrust back, and your head held high as you proudly step out in your high heels.
Your feet may sometimes have to adjust from wearing shoes with low or no heels (i.e. bedroom slippers), to suddenly wearing shoes with the higher heel. The adjustment to wearing high heels should be short-term. It is understandable if you initially feel slight discomfort when making the transition from wearing shoes with low to no heels to high heels. Just take it slow, and your feet will adjust nicely to the feel of wearing tall high heels.
Continue to wear your high heels, allowing time for the initial discomfort to fade away. Don't worry. In a short time, the discomfort will pass. In addition to training your feet to walk in high heels you are training your back and leg muscles to work in perfectly harmony to give you the look of confidence and self-assuredness.
If your situation allows you to give your feet breathing room, feel free to periodically slip your feet in and out of your high heels during the day, especially if you are behind a desk.
It goes without saying that with enough practice you may soon wear tall high heels with the same level of expertise you exhibit when you wear shoes with a lower heel.
Pay Attention to Proper Fit
After you complete the above practice in sitting as well as standing while keeping a straight posture, now it is time to check your high heels to be sure they fit properly. You can examine your high heels before you actually do the practice, but the fit is not as important until you are ready to actually walk in the high heels.
The level of comfort of some high heels depends on the style of shoe. For example, currently the fashion world is seeing a resurgence of the ankle-strap high heel with the open toe. Personally, I wear a variety and lots of different style high heels all year round. Some are more comfortable than others; however, some heels stand out to me as being beyond comfortable. Some name brand shoes such as Jessica Simpson and Nine West are known for their comfort. However, I located a little known shoe company that has almost unbelievable comfortable high heels. So comfortable, in fact, that I have ordered multiple pair of these high heels and each time, I'm adulterated with compliments. So far the pair that has out ranked the others in compliments is a yellow pair from the company Dream Pairs from Amazon pictured below. I wore the yellow eye-catching heels with a yellow two piece suit, and nude hosiery and the compliments poured in.
To accessorize the suit, I wore a thin gold necklace so as not to take attention away from my high heels. I must say, this outfit was a winning combination so much so, that I bought other colors of these heels, as well, including royal blue and pink. If you are new to wearing high heels, the heel of Dream Pairs shoes is not too high and you can adjust the bucket to be comfortable at your ankles. Additionally, these high heels are styled with a zipper back, which makes them a cinch to put on and also adds to the comfort.

Practice Walking in Tall High Heels
If after following my instructions you still have problems walking in high heels, you may have skipped some steps above or just need more practice. You may go back and read the instructions with the underlying message that "Practice Makes Perfect."
Walk Gracefully in Your Tall High Heels
Follow the Nike's slogan, and "Just Do It." Just wear your sexy, tall high heels! Continue to practice walking proud and tall in your high heels, while at the same time utilizing good posture. In no time at all, you will be walking in your tall high heels just as gracefully as a beautiful fashion run-way model.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Wear Sexy Bronze High Heels

Beyonce wears sexy bronze high heel boots
Sexy bronze high heels are appealing to the eye and can make you feel and look sexy as well.  Here's how to choose  sexy bronze high heels to fit your taste and style. Lets start with beautiful Beyonce above who personifies the appeal of bronze high heels. Sexy bronze high heels are innocent looking, but able to change at a moment's notice to become the center of attention. Just like Beyonce!

The Bronze Color Family

When you wear sexy bronze high heels, you are wearing high heels that are not only beautiful, and sexy, but have one unique color family that they belongs to -- bronze and no other. There is something  dazzling about the color bronze, especially when you wear this color in sexy high heels. The bronze color borders on brown and copper, but tends to have the shine and rich look of gold. By not being so "out there", bronze high heels can win a way into your psychic as being casually sexy, but sexy -- none the least.
Beyonce wears sexy bronze high heels
As alluded to earlier, bronze high heels have copper color influences which tend to give high heels a shiny, dark gold-like look. To some, bronze may at first look to be a shade of brown -- which it is. However, because of the metallic, shiny color influences, the preference is to steer away from the brown color reference and embrace the copper, or even the metal-like tin shiny color qualities.

What to Wear with Sexy Bronze High Heels

You may wear lots of different solid color outfits with your bronze high heels or even print -- as long as the outfit matches your sexy heels. A knock-out outfit ensemble would be wearing sexy bronze high heels with a satin black dress with a wide bronze slimming belt. Accessorize with a contrasting red necklace to give your outfit  a pop of color -- as well as a large gem ring with a red center surrounded by rhinestones or crystals. All eyes will be on you for sure!

Wear Sexy Bronze High Heels and Transcend Time

Wear your bronze high heels and relive the historical age that was dubbed the Bronze Age. Because the bronze color has a strong, historic background wearing bronze high heels may give you the feeling of transcending to a time when bronze was one of the most popular metals due to its durability. Bronze holds that distinction today; however, it is probably mixed with other metals such as tin or copper.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy bronze high heels

You can wear your beautiful, sexy bronze high heels, and rewalk down the pages of history that is the foundation of your bronze high heels.  Your gorgeous sexy bronze high heels have not only earned a place in history but can take your shoe closet to another level because of their "bronze age" sexiness and beauty!  In closing -- May you and your sexy bronze high heels make history together!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wear Tall Sexy High Heels You Will Be and Feel Beautiful

Beyonce strikes a sexy pose in her tall, gorgeous high heels
Sexy Tall High Heels

Have you ever thought about how long tall high heels have been in fashion? Not the prim and proper ones with the shorter heels, but the sophisticated ones with the much taller high heel. Have you ever wondered why tall is a desirable trait for high heels? For instance, couldn't shorter, much lower heels be even more in demand than those with very high heels? I'll answer these questions for you and provide you with useful advice on the joy of wearing very tall and sexy high heels.

Very tall high heels were featured in Fredericks of Hollywood catalogs a lot in the past. Most of the tall high heels were really high heel slippers that were adorned with a fluff of feathers on the top. These type of tall high heels have not gone out of style, and are even more fashionable today!

The major difference between the heels from the past, in my opinion, is the size of the platform has increased and the heels are narrower in width in some styles.
Kim Kardashian wears tall, sexy high heels
Tall High Heels are True Art!

Tall high heels are a picture within themselves! There is no need to dress them up with a beautiful model, as you may have seen on new car ads, or other merchandise. Tall high heel shoes are art defined! You may  buy tall high heels based on how your legs look from the back view, above the very tall high heels.  Of course, the overall styling, and look from the other sides, i.e., side, front and even over head is just as important to notice if you love your pair of tall high heels. So by all means, take a look from all angles!

Hosiery for Tall high heels.

You may like wearing a nice high quality pair of hosiery or panty hose when wearing very tall high heels! Choose  high quality hosiery, because one of the worse things that can happen to you is to be caught wearing a stunning pair of very tall high heels, and having a long run in your hosiery.  Runs in hosiery and panty hose completely destroy the elegance and sophistication of very tall high heels.

Fishnet panty hose or stockings, you ask? Both are fine. Even going without hosiery is ok, if you feel comfortable with doing this. I think it's ok to go  barelegged with very tall high heels; however, I do not whole-heartedly accept this  practice. Even though bare legs may be appealing and aesthetic to look at, (your bare legs, I mean), wearing hosiery seems to smooth out the skin tone of your legs.

By the way, did you know that make-up for your legs is available? Yes, actual make-up, that I was contemplating purchasing at one time, but decided against doing so. I kept thinking, what if the make-up on my legs rubbed off and left smudges or marks on my furniture, clothing etc. So I opted out of the leg make-up. But you may give this a try if you like!

Beyonce long gorgeous legs in sexy tall high heels 

The Height of the Platform in High Heels

The sky is the limit for tall high heels, as long as you can walk in them without incurring an injury to yourself. Be careful!

Walking in tall high heels.

If your high heels are really high,  you should walk in them by crossing one leg in front of the other, which is different from how you would normally walk. The key here is to be able to walk in your tall high heels without giving the impression that you are going to fall down any moment.

Kim Kardashian legs look longer in tall sexy high heels.

Color Choices for Tall High Heels

Mums the word when it comes to choices of color for your tall high heels to fit your style. By this I mean no particular color, except for maybe red, seems to be more eye-catching than the others. Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so a color that may be very appealing to you, may not be even liked by someone else. Hence the wide variety of tall high heels in lots of colors for you to choose from!

Why wear very tall sexy high heels?

Wear tall high heels because you will  feel desirable, appealing and very much empowered, regardless of what you may be trying to accomplish!  This mission is quite a tall order for a pair of tall high heels, but they will deliver! You may already be tall and do not think you need the additional height of tall high heels; however, adding height is not the only benefit to wearing very tall high heels. If you were previoulsy walking with your head held high, your ego and self-esteem will increase and you will feel as if you are  up in the clouds after all the compliments you will receive when you wear your tall and sexy high heels!

Wearing Tall High heels without Hosiery 

There is something freeing about baring your feet in a pair of tall heels!  Why not wear your tall high heels, with your feet completely bare. You can show off your nicely pedicured feet and freshly polished toe nails!

Caution: If you know ahead of time that you will be going bare legged along with your bare feet showing in a pair of tall high heels, please remember to take the time to remove your old toe nail polish and put on a fresh coat. No --  just polishing over the toe nail polish that is now gritty, and worn off will not work. You must remember that wearing a pair of tall high heels and fashionably standing out in the crowd is a team effort -- the team being your feet and your toe nails. Make them a good, effective team by having smooth feet and nicely polished toe nails. The other option is to not wear toe nail polish at all -- which is ok, but wearing polish with open toed tall high heels will enhance your overall look.

Choosing Tall High Heels!

Sinice very tall high heels instantly add height, you need not be concerned about your height when wearing very tall high heels. In fact, lots of women of smaller, petite stature sometimes make very tall high heels a standard in their shoe wardrobe, because of the increased height that tall high heels will give them.  Wear tall high heels that aesthetically appeal to you, regardless of your height.

Choose very tall high heels in the color of your choice, which may be your favorite color, a color of high heels that are on sale, or a color that matches your outfit that you just bought, or is already hanging in your closet. The point here is to have a variety of colors in very tall high heels and refrain from routinely buying the same color over and over again.

Stride tall and safely in your very tall high heels!

I think we high heel wearers know right away if a surface does not seem safe to walk on when we are wearing very tall high heels. You may want to stay away from grassy areas, places where there is soft soil or sand, and of course sandy beaches are definitely out!  There is an exception.  If you are going to the beach, you can always bring your tall high heels with you, and slide them on, once you are lying or sitting leisurely on the lounge chair.

Kim Kardashian wears dark hosiery with sexy high heels.
Use as well as trust your instinct and avoid areas that may cause you injury when you are walking in your tall high heels.  If it is any consolation to you, many models have been known to actually fall down, or slip on the runway while wearing tall high heels.  I would think they would have been trained to walk in very tall high heels. So just train yourself, or if you have been wearing high heels for a while, as I have, it is a simple matter of looking ahead and being very careful where you walk.

To wear your tall high heels comfortably, you may want to use shoe  inserts i.e., Dr. Scholls, that can provide cushioning as you walk in your tall high heels. I have yet to use these, even though I have used foot shaped inserts sometimes if my heels may be a little too large for my feet. Yes. I have bought high heels that I liked the style, but because they were not available in my exact size, I made modifications, like wearing shoe soles inserts. I try not to do this often, because sometimes the inserts tend to ball up at the toe, which is not very comfortable. So if you can, try to buy very tall high heels in your specific size instead of using modifications to adjust them.  But as the saying goes... "Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!"

What's next after you have your tall sexy high heels?

When you buy your tall, sexy high heels, simply wear and enjoy them! Depending on how many pairs of very tall high heels you have bought and worn, you can give yourself a personal tour of your own high heel closet. I've done this a few times, and each time I find a pair of very tall high heels that I have not worn for a while, so I take them off the shelf and do with them what they were made for. What is that? Wear them, of course!

At the end of the day, where you wear your very tall high heels is an individual decision; however, remember  they can be worn just about anywhere --  to various outings, events and special occasions. It's your choice when and where you would like to wear your tall high heels.

Just as you have the right to wear those well worn Nikes or Reeboks, so do you have the right to transform yourself into a vision of beauty and sophistication by wearing your very own tall and sexy high heels! Transform to sexy today!

Monday, October 30, 2017

How to Choose and Wear Sexy Platform High Heels Like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is sexier than ever wearing her sexy platform high heels
Sexy Platform High Heels

Sexy platform high heels will add a whole new dimension to your high heels wardrobe.  Not only are they sexy, but they are stylish as well.  Here's how to choose sexy platform high heels to fit your individual tastes and style!

Platform high heels have come a long way from back in the day when the heel was wide and not exactly sexy. In fact, you may use the word "ungangly", to describe the image of some of the "old school" platform high heels.

Platform high heels that are fashionably worn today by Kim Kardashian and other sexy ladies have changed for the better.

Kim Kardashian steps out wearing sexy platform high heels

Sexy Platform High Heels Design

The allure of sexy platform high heels, in addition to their beauty and style, is the height of the high heel, that can go upwards to many inches in height. Add these inches to the height of the platform and you will notice even more height is realized.

So what is so special about platform high heels? In a word -- platform! Not only does the platform give you added height which tends to make your legs look long and slender, but they also add the allusion of high heels that appear to be taller than what they really are.

There are many types of platform high heels. In fact, if you like the platform style of high heels from yesteryears, some of these same high heel designs are still on the market today.
However, I recommend you choose the beautiful array of sexy platform high heels from today's fashion world.

Kim Kardashian wears sexy platform high heels
Hidden Platforms on Sexy Platform High Heels

You may prefer platform high heels where the platform, itself, is not visible.The platform of these high heels is covered by leather, swede, or other type of materials. The key feature is that you cannot see where the actual platform starts.

The hidden platforms may soon become your favorite type of platform high heels, if they are not already. When you wear high heels, especially pumps, with a hidden platform, you may feel as if you're wearing traditional high heels that just happen to have a very tall, sexy high heel. When in reality, the tall platform is secretly adding to the height of your high heels, and subsequently -- to you as well!

Visible Platforms on Sexy Platform High Heels

The visible platform high heels have a noticeable separation between the sole of your high heels and the beginning of the platform itself. The platform on these high heels can be as short as 1" and as tall as 5" or more.

The draw of the visible platform high heels is that the platform itself becomes part of the design. Additionally, the platform adds another fashionable dimension to your high heels, especially since the platform is easily visible.

What style Sexy Platform High Heels are Right for You?

My recommendation is for you to wear platform high heels that appeal to your own individual style, whether you are wearing platform high heels for comfort, as a fashion statement, or simply because you like to wear them -- period.

If you prefer to be more comfortable wearing platform high heels, you may wear platform high heels that are not very tall, which would not add much height to your stature. However, you may be defeating your purpose in wearing sexy high heels if you forego the higher heels for those with a lower heel instead. Which leads me back to my beginning statement that you should choose whatever type platform high heels that fit your own taste and style!

If you are not already wearing platform high heels, why not give them a try? Once you start wearing platform high heels, it will be difficult for you to stop.

Here's my advice to you  about choosing platform high heels -- do not limit yourself. Wear high heels that have both visible platforms, as well as hidden platforms, depending on your personal preferences.

Wear platform high heels and join Kim Kardashian as well as other fashionable celebs who love wearing high heels, especially sexy platform high heels. You will be glad you did!

Sexy Platform High Heels